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Ability Mission is THE place to get REAL help to find all the disability benefits you're looking for. Our no-cost service helps speed up your access to vital financial and other aid. Get started now.


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We help you get the right information in the right order when you apply for grants or benefits. No cost. No catches.

Important! Words like "government grants" or "grants" appear often throughout the site. They are definitely NOT there to suggest that you can easily get grant money to solve your financial problems.

They are there only because everyone uses them when they're looking for help. In fact, they are catch-all terms to describe ALL the help and benefits that people with disabilities are entitled to.

Truth be told, personal grants are rare, so people have got help in other, sometimes unexpected, ways: loans, SSDI, meds, food stamps, counseling, wheelchairs, vehicles, service dogs and much more.

For more information and stories about grants and benefits for the disabled, please see our Government Grant Programs and Free Disability Help pages. Check out these top resources too:

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Ability-Mission.org is an NGO or non-governmental organization. We proudly call ourselves "the people's NGO" because our mission is to help individual people get all the disability benefits they're entitled to.

Disabled In America

Following is a presentation by Donald Coggan, founder of Ability Mission, at a PechaKucha Night in March 2014. The situation for people with disabilities has only grown worse.

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