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20 Year Old Bipolar Disabled Female Seeks Grant Money For Treatment Purposes

by Monique
(Montegut, LA, USA)

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different shades of me

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My name is Monique Nelton and I am 20 years old. I was recently diagnosed with having BPD and bipolar disorder.

Of course I was totally stoked about finally getting answers to questions I have had all my life, until the first day I got my prescription… $85.00 for 3 capsules.

That's only three days of medication. What am I to do? I have no insurance; and we are low income, but not low enough for Medicaid to cover us, what do I do now?

I was able to get the first three but now I have none to control my disability. Without the medication my symptoms are often uncontrollable.

My plans for future medication help will be through the local mental health facilities but it still won't cover all costs of medication.

I wish to receive a grant that will be placed into an account and used only for prescriptions.

I need this help because without the medication my condition will only worsen.

All that I am worried about is my son. He is only 2 years old and untreated. He sees me do things that I shouldn't and I don't want him to grow up thinking it's okay.

I have battled with the illness since birth and over the years it has just escalated.

The disease affects every aspect of daily life and social situations. However, medicated it can be controlled.

Also, some of the money would go to paying daycare for my son while I go through treatment and therapy.

I feel that he needs 'normal' people to hang around with, his age. He needs things that at this point in my treatment I cannot give him.

As far as learning and development goes, there are things that they can teach him that I can't.

If I were to get this grant money it would be put to good use.

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