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26 Year Old Amputee Seeks Grant Money For Transportation And Special Needs

by Edgar Movsesian
(Glendale, CA, USA)

I am a 26-year-old guy with a beautiful girlfriend that I have known for 12 years. I have a little sister.

I live with my sister, mother and mother's boyfriend. I have no kids but after I finish school I am definitely going to have two maybe three kids. That's all I have ever dreamed of.

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I'm an above-knee amputee (left leg). I lost my leg September 3, 2010 due to compartment syndrome.

I woke up July 21, 2010 to find the left side of my body was paralyzed. My heart, kidneys and liver were not working.

I was rushed to the hospital and they did not do anything for 10 hours because I did not have insurance (it is stated in the doctor notes).

I was in a state of coma for the first 2 days. I was on dialysis for 2 weeks. I had tubes extracting the virus out of my left leg for weeks.

I also had a blood clot under my left knee. Let me fast forward. On September 3, they cut my leg. When they did, all of my organs started working again. I am currently disabled.

My family has been there for me the entire time. They have lost sleep, money, friends etc.

We had to remodel my bathroom for easy access, and lower my bed because I had a high bed and it was hard for me to get in bed in the beginning.

I also can't drive my car because it is manual. My parents drive me to school and back.

My medications were expensive at first but now I have Medicare and medical, but they do not cover all medications.

Medicare did cover my prosthetic leg but the maintenance is expensive.

I have not been able to work because it is hard to stand on my feet more then a few hours.

I did apply for SDI but they denied me because I am not a citizen but am a permanent resident.

I need help to buy a regular car to drive to school and back, hopefully to work and back also.

I need special shoes because it is hard to walk in regular shoes. I need help with school, books, etc. My mother is working on the SSI, SSDI etc.

I will eventually open up a rehab for addicts and families of all kinds after I finish school.

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