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Bipolar And ADD Disabled Xavier Seeks School Grants And Student Debt Forgiveness

by Xavier McDonald
(Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

I am a 23-year-old student. I live with my father. I attend Arizona State University in pursuit of a BA in Digital Culture with an emphasis in Music.

I'm a musician and I am currently trying to channel my talents into creating a career for myself. On top of school, I have an internship designing audio for a video game.

Disability Issues

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 Disorder and ADD in 2010. I take five different medications for my bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after a manic episode that lasted several months, followed by a deep depression.

I currently see a psychologist and psychiatrist.

I have been in school and worked part-time for four years. My disorder has made it incredibly difficult to finish my degree. It seems every semester I am halted by a depressive episode at some point.

This semester I have done very well up until about a month ago. I have cycled into a depressive episode. I just quit my part-time job in an effort to salvage my semester.

Financial Hardship

I receive financial aid in the form of loans and I am already $44,000 in debt. I have approximately two years of school remaining.

I worry for my financial future and present expenses.

The reason I worked was to pay for parking fees for school, my medications, psychologist and psychiatrist expenses, food expenses, and school expenses (monthly software subscriptions for my curriculum).

I received a notification recently from my university stating that I am reaching my Federal Stafford Loan Limit. If I reach this limit I may be denied further federal loans.

Income Efforts

I just quit my part-time job in an effort to salvage my semester. I have worked all through school up until now.

Living with my dad helps me out a lot but I still have personal expenses.

I want to work but have realized that I am unable to get through my school curriculum and work at the same time.

Specific Needs

I want to obtain grants for school. I am also seeking student loan forgiveness.

I want to be able to cover my personal expenses while finishing school.

I also want advice for a specific issue. I attended Northern Arizona University for five semesters. Only a fraction of the classes I took transferred to Arizona State University. I want to fight this. That was my money wasted and if there is a possible way to make the university accept those credits I want to pursue it.

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Nov 03, 2015
Chin up!
by: Regina

Xavier welcome to Ability Mission,

Everyday I tell myself things will get better, I have my fingers crossed for you Xavier :)

Oct 26, 2015
Thank you!
by: Xavier

Thank you for publishing my story! I would appreciate any comments that might lead to help for me.

Oct 26, 2015
Follow through with the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission


Good job on your story. Now that it is published you can access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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