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Disability Grants For Back Injury Disabled Wesley To Meet Essential Life Needs

by Wesley Wade
(Reidsville, North Carolina, USA)

I wish to thank you for your time and consideration while you learn a little bit about who I am. I'm a 46-year-old disabled Paramedic.

I live in North Carolina with my wife, 16-year-old daughter, three dogs, a cat and many laying hens.

My hobbies include making things with my hands. I enjoy making pottery, creative woodworking and spending time outdoors.

Disability Issues

I have been an Emergency Medical Services Paramedic for 23 years. At the time of my injury, a county in North Carolina employed me.

On Halloween, 2010, I was unloading my patient when the stretcher broke and sent the patient falling to the ground. Instinctively, I grasped the stretcher handle, which twisted and pulled my back.

I was diagnosed with three slipped disks, and one disk was torn. I tried to return to work; however, I re-injured my back two more times.

I was taken out of work totally and told in July 2013 I would never be able to return to being a paramedic or physically demanding jobs.

Currently, I take numerous medications to lessen the pain I'm in.

Financial Hardship

Since my injury occurred at work, I have been reliant on Workers Compensation for my care and financial assistance through short-term disability.

The monetary compensation is a third of what I was making prior to my injury. I'm still unable to work because of my disability.

I've exhausted my life savings over the past two years, making ends meet.

I would not be in need of help if I could obtain a loan. However, my credit score is too low. I've had several slow pays due to simply not having enough money.

Currently there are about 13 collection agencies on my credit report. The collection agencies are seeking payment for my bills incurred due to my injury, one of which is for the Emergency Room visit the night of my initial injury.

My position with the county was eliminated after my physician made the decision; I would not return to being a Paramedic.

In addition to losing my job, I lost benefits, including my health and life insurance.

The amount of money I receive from the short-term disability is not enough, month to month. Two week's pay goes to the mortgage, one week to pay for my health insurance, and the finals week's pay goes to my car payment and groceries.

I have a daughter who is 16 and knows how to do without.

I would love to be able to buy her new clothes and allow her to get her driver's license. Again, the lack of money limits our shopping for clothes at Goodwill, Salvation Army and other thrift stores.

Again, my daughter shows great appreciation for getting the used clothes; however, I know it's a front to protect my feelings.

She doesn't ask for more and does a great job layering the clothing she does have to be fashionable. It would be great if I could reward her with something special every now and then.

Income Efforts

To make up for the financial loss, I've cashed out all of my retirement investments.

We have also sold many personal items such as jewelry, nice home furnishings and antiques, most of the time much less than their real value.

My wife is our main source of income. She has been put on "short-time" this summer, cutting her hours to 10 a week.

To fill the loss of her income, she is working free-lance jobs, online. Many nights she is up to 3:00 in the morning working to meet deadlines so she can move on to the next job.

It really makes one feel less of a man when he is reliant on his wife to do all of the work.

Specific Needs

Due to my loss of income, I have several needs, including:

• Help paying loans back;
• Help paying my health insurance;
• Help paying existing medical bills, not associated to Worker's Comp.;
• Help paying household bills; and
• Lower mileage used car, to replace my 225,000-mile car with all of its issues.

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Aug 15, 2015
Thank you
by: Wesley

Thank you for publishing my story and thank you for helping me to make ends meet.

Jul 29, 2015
Workbook now...
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Wesley,

With your story being published, you are now eligible for the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Don Coggan

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