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Disability Grants To Help TBI Disabled Victoria Get Accessible Van And Essential Therapy

by Victoria McNabb
(Asheville, North Carolina, USA)

TBI Disabled Victoria With Mother Robin
My name is Victoria Faith McNabb. I'm a 24-year-old woman with a five-year-old son named Ronan. My mother's name is Robin and she's a ballroom dance instructor.

I also have a brother named Mathew who's a ballroom dance instructor and is a U.S. Marine. He was in bootcamp on the day of my accident.

I've lived in the Asheville North Carolina area all of my life. I was married for a bit over a year and then entered a divorce due to abuse and isolation.

I worked hard to put my life back together and was able to find a good job. I was a gifted pianist and ballroom dancer.

I spent most of my time trying to be a good mother to my son.

Disability Issues

On May 22 of 2015, I was crossing the street as a pedestrian to get to the bus stop and was hit by a car going 45 miles an hour.

I now suffer Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI and either a stroke or a series of mini-strokes that have severely affected the left side of my body.

My brain was bleeding in 18 different places at the time of the accident, and my grey and white matter sheared. I was in a coma from May to October in the hospital.

After leaving the hospital I went to a CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) certified facility where I received basic therapy for my condition. I was sent to a nursing home after 81 days.

At this point, I can only move one of my arms reasonably well and am for the most part incapacitated. I cannot even talk because my speech pathways are blocked and I cannot close my mouth completely yet.

Since going to the nursing home, I have received no therapy due to the facility's doctor refusing all requests for therapy we've asked for.

I've also not been able to see my son because I was in the middle of a divorce from my abusive husband who took Ronan and moved to a different state 1000 miles away.

To this day he has refused to sign the divorce papers or bring my son to see me. He even tried to have me unplugged from life support when I was in the coma.

My mother had to fight for guardianship so that I would not get unplugged by the man that I was divorcing.

My mother and my best friends have been able to do some incredible things for me thus far. They've found a really good neurologist, internal medicine doctor, dietitian and physical therapist. They've also found facilities that can give me the therapy I need and so far have not received.

They've been fighting tooth and nail to get me into home care and away from the doctor that has refused to give me any referrals for therapy. This will allow the team of doctors they have found, that know how to treat my condition, to start working with me to make me better.

My mother and my best friend are the only consistent help I have and they've done a lot for me. They spend 8 to 16 hours a day feeding me by spoon, taking me out for walks in my wheelchair and keeping me company.

They've also provided all of the therapy I have received since I was discharged by the rehabilitation facility I went to.

The driver's insurance did not pay anything for the accident because the police did not do a full investigation and only created an accident report with no witness interviews.

Financial Hardship

I receive about $400 a month from Disability and have no other income due to my condition at the moment. All of it except $35 goes to the nursing home I'm presently in.

My mother and my best friend have teamed up to help me and are spending about $3000 a month to give me a home to go to and take care of many of my most basic needs, but it does not cover any of my medical needs like therapy.

Income Efforts

Until I have a lot of intense therapy I will not be able to work because I can neither move nor speak at the moment. I'm presently totally dependent on my mother and my best friend.

Specific Needs

I need a lot of help to have a good quality of life. We've been told by a number of experts that I'm looking at about $18 million in therapy over my lifetime that is not covered by insurance or Medicaid.

I have no way of earning any money until I receive a few years of intense therapy.

One of the priorities is to get a handicap accessible van to transport me safely to doctors and therapies. The least expensive one we have found so far costs about $44,000.

The neurologist my mother found has a program that costs about $13,000 a year. It includes nutritional supplementation, many of the tests I need to have my condition evaluated as I progress, and access to many of the specialists that the nursing home I'm in have denied me.

This is a priority and he comes highly recommended due to the severity of my condition.

Along with the neurologist's program, I need to receive hyperbaric oxygen therapy at a cost of $150 a session. It is recommended that I go to the chamber three to four times a week for the first four to six months of therapy.

I also need intense neuroplasticity treatment twice a day, four times a week for a number of months at a cost of $400 a session. After a number of months of intense neuroplasticity treatments, I will have to go less frequently, but that will have to be evaluated as I improve.

I also have specific nutritional and supplemental needs. I need high nutrition foods that do not contain sugar in them since sugar causes brain damage.

I need to eat things like organic fresh water salmon, organic chicken, Lion's Main mushroom, organic blueberries and other high mineral foods. The dietitian has specifically recommended organic foods due to lack of chemicals that may slow down my getting better.

It has also been recommended that I have a regimen of essential oils like Frankincense since they have proven to be helpful in healing the brain.

The wheelchair I have needs many modifications. I was lucky enough to have a tilt-chair style wheelchair donated to me but it is old and was made for someone eight inches taller. I need this kind of chair because of the head support it offers. I'm presently unable to hold my head up for long periods of time.

The chair works, but I need to have the seat replaced with one that fits my height. The seat cuts off circulation to my arms if I do not place them in a specific position and are uncomfortable.

I also need attachments that will hold up my left leg. I have very limited control of my left side due to the effects of the stroke or series of mini-strokes I had at the time of the accident.

I also need to pay a lawyer to finish the divorce since my husband refuses to sign the papers and instead tried to unplug me from life support when I was in the coma.

Without a lawyer I expect I will never be able to see my son again, but I need therapy first because I have been told I need to be able to talk before any case can be filed.

Business Idea

At this point I'm not capable of running a business or even working but hope that in time that will change.

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Jun 05, 2017
by: Charles Vaughn

Hello Victoria,

While I am not in a position financially to accommodate your needs, I can certainly promise my prayers that someone or many will come forward to assist you. May the Good Lord give you strength, patience and hope.

Love ya!

Jun 05, 2017
The Workbook is key
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Victoria,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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