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Disabled Single Mother With Down Syndrome Child Seeks Government Grant Money

by Kim Morgan
(Oxford, Alabama, USA)

I am a single disabled mother of three living on a limited income. My oldest son, who is now 22 years old, has Down syndrome.

I have struggled throughout the years. The father left me with three children to feed and shelter. He never paid any support for his children.

I worked 80 hours a week, wearing my body out to the point where I'm now disabled. But with Chris going in and out of hospitals, I couldn't keep a job.

I try to give my children everything they need, not want. It has been hard doing this by myself.

I need grant money to help pay for house repairs, car repairs, and doctors and medicines. This month my medicines were over $700.

I have to make 2-4 trips a month to the doctor, which is 170 miles round trip. I need new tires. I had three flats just today.

I am sick and don't know who will take care of Chris when I am gone. This time of trouble leaves little for my children.

I pay all of my bills at the first of the month but we do without the rest of month, including food.

If there are angels out there send me one please. Thank you from Kim Morgan, Chris McDonald, Jeremy and Austin.

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