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Disabled Spouse Of Disabled Veteran Ineligible For Housing Adaptation Grant

by Teresa
(Grays Harbor, WA, USA)

My husband is a disabled Vietnam-era Naval Corpsman. He became disabled by way of the lifesaving efforts he made while serving dependents and military personnel in San Diego and Orlando Naval Hospitals.

I receive CHAMPVA as a result of his status. But, because I am disabled, copayments come out of HIS monthly allotment. This reduces our fixed income by at least $3000 per year.

More, if you include costs not covered as a result of terminal cancer and repeated hospitalizations. (I fell down stairs and broke teeth and while it is covered by policy, CHAMPVA does not cover dental)

I became disabled as a result of stage IV cancer and the effects of chemotherapy which has cost me the use of one hand and the inability to drive or walk without a great deal of pain.

IF dependents were considered, we would qualify for the maximum amount for a housing modification grant, because of the stairs in our home and my severely impaired mobility.

But, the requirements are solely available if it is the veteran who is the one with these impairments. Now, he has mobility issues, to be sure, so a one-story home would make his life much easier.

Not to mention, he has to assume so many tasks I used to be able to do but now cannot, contributing to his own disabling condition. That is not severe enough to qualify for a housing modification.

We have the property, fully paid for, that we were on track to make into a one-level, small place where we could afford to live comfortably and he could manage on his own when the time comes.

Cancer changed it all and we now haven't the resources to put up the walls and finish the house properly.

We do, however, have a number of materials, such as windows, doors, and fixtures.

We need a septic system, rainwater catchment as the well water is not good, site prep and foundation work.

We are located in Grays Harbor County, WA. Rebuilding together has no funds to help.

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