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Disabled Veteran And Disabled Wife Seek Grant Money For Suitable Housing

by Gregory B. Harris
(Thomasville, AL, USA)

My name is Gregory B. Harris. I am a disabled veteran who is married to a wife with multiple sclerosis.

We currently live rent free due to the good graces of my parents on family land. The "house" we reside in is a 35-year-old doublewide trailer.

Although it keeps the rain off of our heads, it is not suitable for future habitation due to loss of insulation factor, mold, mildew, and generally falling apart.

My wife and I are no longer able to keep up with the repairs either physically or financially.

My parents are unable to provide much help although they do as much as possible.

Due to their health they need to relocate to an area that provides them with better access to physicians and medical aid.

I am reluctant to leave this area due to the roots my wife and I have laid down over the past 30 or so years.

For the estimated cost of $300,000, I would be able to purchase my parents' land, including the residence that they currently occupy, a 10-year-old modular home.

This transaction would help my parents finance their relocation and pay for the destruction of the home in which we currently reside (yeah, it's that bad).

The family land consists of the two homes and an additional 39 acres that are currently leased as hay fields.

It is in the lower southwest corner of Marengo County Alabama, in the Putnam Community.

We are approximately 25 miles in any direction to medical facilities and more than 100 miles from a major hospital (Mobile, AL).

My wife currently receives a Social Security Disability income.

I am still fighting the Social Security and the VA for the proper percentage rate that I am owed. The VA has awarded me 30% (the DAV is working on 100%).

We currently survive on about $600 a month after we pay insurance. That doesn't even include food and utilities. In other words we need help badly!

Also currently living with us is my stepson who although he has a job, can't make it on his own.

He contributes what he can to the home, but that isn't much. Although he qualifies to go to college free, we don't have the money to support him while he attends.

I am at my wit's end, and with severe/chronic PTSD that's a cliff that has no bottom.

Please if anyone out there could help, God would bless you with his grace.

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