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Disabled Veteran Seeks Government Grant Money For Van And Medical Expenses

by Frankie
(Newton, Kansas, USA)

I am an 81-year-old veteran and widower for 15 years. I was in the service in 1953 and was stationed at Castle AFB in the Air Force.

I have three grown kids and a bunch of grandkids. I live with my oldest daughter who takes care of me.

My other kids live out of state and do not come around often; they do send money to help with bills and extras when they can.

My daughter that I live with cannot work due to my disability; I fell three times in the last month.

Disability Issues

I have chronic venous skin ulcers to both legs and a history of blood clots. It started in 1960 with varicose veins.

Over the next several years I had to have some veins striped and some tied off. In 1980, I started getting sores and worked to get them healed.

A month or even months later I would have more sores. Over the last several years my condition has gotten worse.

I am now in a wheelchair and have no balance or strength when standing for short amounts of time.

I am going to the wound clinic twice a week to get my dressings changed on my lower legs, and I am in a need of a Van with a lift to get me to the Doctor.

I have been in the hospital two times in the last year getting IV antibiotics because the pill form does not work anymore.

Financial Hardship

I have a pickup that has a lift to lift my chair into the back of it. My daughter has to take me to my doctors' appointments and to the wound clinic on Mondays and Thursdays.

In the winter, it is cold for her to get the chair into the back. I am getting weaker and cannot get into the truck anymore.

I was instructed to get a van, but we are on a fixed income and cannot buy one.

I also need a lift to help with moving me around in the house. My daughter cannot lift me. The times that I fell, she had to call the EMS to get me up.

We also need extra money to help with everyday expenses with medications and food.

Earning Efforts

I have my SS every month. My daughter has filled out the paperwork for help with my Medicare premium to be paid by children and families.

SS tells me I am not eligible for SSI.

My daughter has sent in a compensation application to the VA, and we get $86 a month for food.

I am supposed to have lots of protein, to help heal the sores and cannot afford to buy much food.

The churches are always out of money and grants are time consuming but I fill out applications anyway.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a grant for a Van with a rear lift to get me to my appointments.

I am seeking benefits to help with our financial difficulties due to extra expenses for medical care.

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