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Disabled Vietnam Vet Seeks Grant Money For Moving And Blind School

by Rufus Cornett
(Shiloh, Ohio, USA)

I am a Vietnam veteran. I was married, but now I on my own with two small children ages six and nine.

My wife walked off and left us. She couldn't handle family life and started doing drugs.

I will be 62 on Friday. My wife is only 30. I served in Vietnam from 1969 to1970. I don't have any other living family members. My mom, dad, brothers and sister have all passed away.

The last few years have been rough on me trying to do everything by myself. I pray every night asking the Lord to grant me another day so I can watch my children grow up.

Disability Issues

My main disability issue is due to Agent Orange, which I got while I was serving in Vietnam. I suffer from diabetes which causes diabetic retinopathy (vision left eye: 5/200, right eye: 20/200).

I have peripheral neuropathy in my upper extremity and both lower extremities. I have peripheral vascular disease in both lower extremities. I also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

I have friends that drive me to and from my doctor appointments and help with my shopping. I can't go to VA blind school because I don't have anyone to watch my children for two weeks. Since I can't go, this stops me from getting the benefits I need like a seeing-eye dog and a computer for the blind.

Though I get around on a walker the VA said I am housebound.

Financial Hardship

We need to move from Ohio to Wartburg, Tennessee. This move is to be near friends who are so close to me that I call them family. Our friendship has been going on for 43 years.

I don't have the funds to pack up and move. I can't afford a U-Haul, people packing and loading the truck or someone to drive it there. Most of all I will need to find a place to live.

Income Efforts

I have no family left to help me and my friends in Tennessee are having hard times, too.

I tried to get assistance from churches or from grants.

In the little town I live in, it is hard to get donations since everybody in town is having a hard time. I can't work since the VA has me at 100% disability.

I can't work from home. There is nothing for me to do to get needed money.

I cannot drive. With two little ones in school, I have to depend on someone to help me with basic transportation needs.

Specific Needs

I would like a grant or benefit that would help me to move; I need about $5,000. This would pay to hire a moving van and movers to pack and load our things. I will also need help to unpack and put everything away.

I need to find a three-bedroom house since there is myself, one boy and one girl. Once I get moved I will have friends to help me out there, more than in Ohio. I will also have someone to watch my kids while I go to blind school in Tennessee.

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