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Disabled Violet Seeking Government Grant To Combat Black Mold

by Violet Beckman
(Lake City, FL, USA)

I am 53 and have been disabled for almost two years with Alpha 1, which is a genetic problem that attacks the lungs or liver or both. So far, it's my lungs being attacked.

In 2005, I found out that my five-year-old grandson was living under a bridge with his one-year-old baby brother. After no help from anyone -- police, Child Find (childfindidea.org), or any organization -- a friend of mine made a few phone calls and my grandson and his brother were found.

They were both in really bad shape. I became his permanent caregiver. His father, my son was in prison at that time. His mother and her new boyfriend both went to prison.

In 2007 I lost my job. I went on unemployment and filed for disability. I am now disabled with a very limited income. I contacted GMAC about the "Making Homes Affordable" program, but I was told I do not qualify.

The man said something about "Loan to Value" was not 100%. I am not sure what will happen now, as I have been told to call back, that perhaps they can do an "Inhouse Modification" for me. That scares me!

Meantime, in September I was hospitalized for 10 days because I was upset with Medicaid. I am on Share of Cost, and because I get $1227 per month from disability, they took my share of cost from $678 per month to $1097 per month.

I called Medicaid to see what if anything I could do. The lady on the phone did not seem to care if I lived or died. She just said, "It's on the Computer." So I ended up having a panic attack, which in turn gave me severe SOB (shortness of breath) and a $40,000 Hospital bill.

Now think I have black mold in my home making me sick, and need some help in trying to get some remodeling completed in my home. I don't think I can qualify for a loan. I am on a list that will take 6-12 months to get a new energy efficient A/C unit.

Is there any kind of grant to help me? My grandson is nine right now. His Dad should get out of prison next fall. His mom has two more years.

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