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Disabled Widowed Grandmother Needs Government Grant Survival Money

by Connie Darline Brewer-Warren
(Springfield, TN, USA)

I'm a 54-year-old disabled, widowed grandmother-to-be who is about to lose everything. I need some government grant money to carry on any sort of life.

I'm unable to do much. Severe osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disorder and migraines are only a part of my challenges.

I was diagnosed years ago with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar and on top of all that hepatitis C. I've been under medical care most of my life and have made it because of my mother.

She was always there helping me financially, physically, and emotionally. As the past few months have gone by, I've seen my mom become bedbound clinging to life.

My daughter and son lived with her and my father in the city and I live alone in public housing miles away.

I was just getting by. Now I'm close to homelessness. I have no resources and I'm praying you can help. I can't do anything but pray for my mom but that's no problem.

I can't understand why my family is the way it is. It's sad. Since my mom's illness, my dad has displaced both my children. My son is living out of his car, with friends, wherever and my daughter is five months pregnant and locked up.

I've been trying to spend time with my mother and get ready for a new baby as it looks like now I'm it. I really need some help, some government grant money or any other assistance for a person with disabilities.

I'll continue to do the best I can to maintain some kind of family now that my mom is no longer able. Blessings always! "C" Connie from Tennessee

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