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Disabled Wife Of Disabled Veteran Husband Seeks School And Housing Grant

by Judy
(Meridian, Idaho, USA)

I lost my job a little over a year ago. My unemployment benefits are less than half of what I made while working.

I have pain in my hip shoulder back and knees. I have not applied for disability because I've been told that I will not qualify for SSD.

To top things off, my husband is 100% disabled and my daughter is 100% disabled.

My husband was in the US Navy during the Vietnam war. He is listed with the VA as temporary 100% disabled.

As long as he is listed as temporary disabled, if he were to pass away, his VA pension would be gone.

He has kidney cancer, or I should say had kidney cancer because they removed the one kidney that had the tumor.

He has prostrate cancer and is not a candidate for surgery because of his lungs. He has skin cancer and has a growth in one of his lungs.

He goes to the VA hospital in Boise ID for treatment because I lost my medical insurance when I lost my job.

My daughter was born with Spina Bifida. Her condition was caused by her father's exposure to Agent Orange during his tours of duty in Vietnam.

She receives a pension from the VA and her medical care is taken care of. Since I have been unemployed, our bills have mounted.

We need to find a way to pay the bills. We need work done to our house. We need a new roof, a new heater and a new ac unit.

My husband was foolish last year and gave a contractor $3000 to replace our heater and AC. Needless to say, the money is gone and we still need a heater and AC unit. He is too trusting of a person.

We need to replace the floor in our bathroom. It is full of mold and is starting to sag. We need new flooring in our other rooms.

I'm still looking for work. As an older worker, it is difficult to find a job that will pay our bills.

What I'm looking for is a grant that will pay off our bills and repair our home.

I would also like to return to school to get a degree as an x-ray tech. I need to get a grant to be able to return to school.

We would also need enough grant money to pay our expenses while I go to school. I'm not sure where we can turn or what we need to do to obtain the grants.

I would appreciate any assistance in finding the grants that we would qualify for.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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