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Disabled Wife Of Husband With Seizures Seeking Multi Purpose Grant Money

by Carma McConahay
(Colorado Springs, CO, USA)

My name is Carma. I have been disabled since 1996 with both a mental and a physical disability.

My husband is a C.N.A. He has seizures and in the last 13 years he has had six different jobs. Having had a seizure at work, it is only a matter of weeks before he is let go.

This last time which was in March of 2010. We decided he needed to get re-educated in another line of work. He is now a full-time student until July of 2011.

Before losing his job this last time we had brought my grandmother in and cared for her until the Lord took her home.

This put some strain on our savings, and so we tried to get a modification on our home, but the company that we paid to help us took the money and flew the coop.

To save our home we had to file chapter 13. We have kept up with our payments even after my husband lost his job until this month.

We simply have more going out then we have coming in. We have no credit cards, or anything other than regular bills, utilities, phone, bankruptcy, back taxes, homeowner dues, food, gas, and medication.

We have looked everywhere for financial help, with no luck. We need help until my husband can graduate and find a job where his seizures will not be a factor.

He could go on disability but that would take time that we simply do not have and he is not ready to do that. He enjoys working and would like to continue to do so for as long as he can.

While my husband is in school we need help paying the bills, and have a way to get our medications, and possibly have some money to get started on a home-based business that I could do.

We see that a grant would be the help we need to get through this time. Any assistance you can direct us to would be much appreciated.

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