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Disabled Woman On SSD Looking For A Government Housing Grant

by Michelle Coston
(Hartland, ME, USA)

I'm a 21-year-old disabled woman on social security disability looking for a government housing grant. This story is an incredible opportunity for me to begin a life on my own.

As a baby I was diagnosed with Histiocytosis X, which as any one that has heard of the disease knows, is almost a death sentence.

It ravaged my body leaving some of my internal organs and bones damaged, and I still deal with the effects drastically today. I was very lucky to have made it to adulthood and I'm thankful for it every day.

My mother has been wonderful and has done her best to take care of me and my conditions. I live with her and my family still. This grant poses the chance for me to get out on my own and start to take care of myself.

My whole life I've always dreamed of being able to have my own home, and even with all my mom's help we have had some hard times. Our first home was taken from us by fire when I was still young.

There was a span of many years before my mom had a chance to try again. Recently we lost our home again to foreclosure and it has become clear that even with my check, me living with my mom has not made it easier for her.

I'm writing this story with the hope of becoming a home owner. The grant in question would give me the greatest chance to be independent. I have always wanted that more than anything. The dream of having my own home and starting a family is all that keeps me going.

So in closing I'm hoping that there's an agency to grant me enough for a small home. I have researched this and know for a fact that $20,000 would buy a home and a few more dollars would fix it up nice.

I would appreciate any amount of money that could be granted. It could change my life so much for the better and I thank anyone who chooses to assist me in my time of need.

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