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Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Health Expenses While Dodging Bullets

by Bidesta Sykes
(Chesapeake, Virginia, USA)

I live in a subsidized housing project in Virginia. Week in and week out, I find myself falling out of my bed, trying to escape gunshots.

The apartments are okay, but I am fearful that another bullet will hit my apartment. I have wanted to move out, but I can't afford to on the Social Security Disability benefits I receive.

I became disabled April 2004. My long-term disability that I paid for on my job was discontinued because of an independent medical exam that I was sent to.

This is even though the insurance company had medical records from my rheumatologist stating what I could or could not do, as far as standing, sitting, bending and stooping, typing, also moving my neck in awkward positions.

I also have a permanent handicapped placard since 2006 because of my legs and hips.

The insurance company stopped payments August 2007 because their doctor said that I could stand, sit, walk with no limitation, and that I could type with soft splints on my hands.

My rheumatologist and my primary care doctor gave me a prescription for resting splints for both hands.

I need bifocal glasses also. Purchasing the eyeglasses that I need is impossible.

I also need dental work because I have cavities, and the rest of them need to be extracted. I have no back teeth to chew with, and my teeth bleed. Neither Medicaid nor Medicare will help me get dental work done.

I have no help with these things. I am at a loss for answers to find help. I have no place to get help.

Finally, I also incurred nerve damage in my elbows (ulnar neuropathy), and peripheral neuropathy in my legs.

The long-term insurance carrier knew all of this, but found a doctor to say what they wanted to hear, when they knew it was wrong. They stopped my long-term disability payments and left me in hardship.

Bidesta Sykes

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Sep 08, 2010
Relocate ASAP
by: Anonymous

Dear Bidesta,

If you are in goverment subsudized housing then I believe that you are entitled to a transfer to any state within the United States.

If I feared gun-shots I would be on the next bus, plane, or train to anywhere. Look for emergency shelter within the state you reach because the state that you are now in is no help to you. PEACE!

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