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Disc And Heart Disease Disabled Man Seeks Government Education Grant

by Kenneth Hackett
(Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

At 44 years old, I was maintaining life as usual with three herniated disks and a pinched nerve. Then things changed for the worse.

Not long ago, I went for a walk, returned home and was short of breath. The next day I was hospitalized and diagnosed with an enlarged heart, heart murmur, valve malfunction, and congestive heart failure.

I've recently lost my home, completed a divorce and discovered my right hand needs surgery for carpal tunnel.

Prior to these challenges, I was employed in the construction/remodeling field for 25 years, considered highly trained, with diploma/certifications in 90% of building phases.

I will never again yield a hammer/power tool again, due to diminished grip strength and pain.

I expect my medical expenses to increase exponentially. I receive the minimum in supplemental income and my family has meager earnings.

I've been accepted into a dental program that, with very minimal contribution from my church is doing complete dental reconstructive/surgery.

My past and newly developed health condition with the frequent doctor visits, outpatient surgical procedures, co-pays, prescription costs, public transportation cost, in need of new living arrangements, place me in a unique situation.

I'm in dire need of increased education, such as college, university. At this point I am active in the entire process of enrollment in a college and or a university.

A government grant would tremendously aid in my returning to school helping me to help myself. I very much appreciate any help, aid, assistance or information. Thank you Kenneth Hackett.

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