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End Stage Renal Disease Disabled Single Father Seeks Child Education Grant

by Michael Lundquist
(Sandy, Utah, USA)

Taylor, grandson and I

Taylor, grandson and I

My name is Michael Lundquist. I am 48 years old from Salt Lake City, Utah. At 38 years of age I went into kidney failure due to reflux of the tubes between kidney and bladder.

I always had problems with bladder infections as a child, and was given antibiotics and sent home not checking any further.

I am currently on Dialysis three times a week. I have endured two kidney transplants that both failed within two weeks after transplanting due to a hyperactive immune system, so a transplant is out of the question at this point in time.

Anti-rejection drugs that were used to try and save the kidney directly after the transplants injured my blood vessels to my hips and have lead to two hip replacements on the right side and three on the left.

The left side has still been unsuccessful so I walk with a cane and very bad limp leaving me very limited to work and walking very far.

My daughter is 17. She has had a very hard time with this. She lived with her mother the first 16-1/2 years of her life, and then came to stay with me the last seven months.

She has slowly declined in her grades so her mother and I decided she should attend Outback Wilderness program and she has improved immensely.

They have recommended Oakley boarding school. It is a therapeutic setting. We all think she can refine her skills and be an upstanding citizen. She is very smart and deserves the very best to help her along.

This is why I'm asking for help -- to pay for her tuition into Oakley school. Please consider this carefully for I know she will benefit with your help!

Thank you and God Bless. Mike Lundquist.

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