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Epilepsy Disabled Daniel Needs Grant Money Help With Stafford And PLUS Loans

by Daniel
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Today is the day I found out that the Department of Education doesn't care about the disabled. My name is Daniel, I have epilepsy, and currently I am on disability.

It started off when I went to ITT Tech and got a Stafford loan and my mother got a PLUS Loan to help get me enrolled.

My mother happens to be disabled too, but doesn't receive checks, and we have no way to pay these loans back.

On top of this, the collectors won't let up. I'm losing sleep because I don't know what to do. I keep thinking they're going to take my parents' assets because of the plus loan.

I'm mentally disabled and so is my mother and they suckered us into the loan and attending the school.

I almost graduated but was told by them I would be kicked out if I didn't pass math. (I have a problem with some numerical equations).

How can I get money to pay the Stafford loan and my mom's PLUS Loan back?

Then if possible what legal action could I impose on the school for taking advantage of a physically and mentally disabled person. I need cash to pay them or some way to get them discharged.

I tried to do good and get educated even though there are boundaries I shouldn't cross physically, but I had to try.

Then the D.O.E. makes it seem wrong, even though federal student aid and disability go hand in hand for being a part of the government.

They only want to get back the money they give me every month, without helping me with school debt. Any info would be appreciated.

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