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Epilepsy Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant To Avoid Being Homeless

by Cliff
(Allentown, PA, USA)

I just turned 40 years old and have been suffering from epilepsy since 2005. I did not want to believe I had it because I had been healthy all my life.

I had been out of work for eight months and due to the economy, as well as limitations of transportation due to my condition, it has been much more difficult to find and maintain steady employment.

I need to afford a place to live as well as living expenses. It seems stress and overexertion aggravates my condition.

Most of the seizures have been occurring in my sleep. So it was easier for me to be in denial I was having them. Yet within the first several months of working, I woke up once in the closet and rushed to work because I was running late.

I ride a bicycle because public transportation is not always convenient or available.

My legs were rubbery on the way. I felt disoriented and light headed so I thought it was just because of my hypoglycemia. I stopped and grabbed something to eat and continued to rush to work.

When I arrived I found I was very disoriented and could not understand anything anyone was saying. I also kept feeling like I was going to black out. They took me to the hospital.

I had another incident shortly after that was similar. This time I woke up in the bathroom wedged between the bathroom sink and the corner of the wall.

The sink was broken away from the wall and I got up to rush to work only to discover in immense pain that my small toe and part of my foot was broken.

I struggled at the bottom of the stairs to put my shoe on and try to determine what would be the least painful way to ride the bike.

My neighbor saw me and asked where I was going. She then offered me a ride. My employer had someone take me to the hospital again.

Since then I have been waiting for Social Security to get back to me. I am facing an eviction because I am very behind on my rent.

I have been seeking help, but the people I go to seem to find ways to find you not eligible, or take forever to get back to you if they even get back to you at all.

My landlord has been trying to be very helpful and understanding but it is out of her hands because those she works for just want the rent paid, or for me to be evicted.

NOW I have been contacted for the second time concerning eviction. I may only have two days before I am evicted.

I will not be able to contact Social Security and they will not be able to contact me if I am homeless.

The location is so much more convenient for me to get to and from work. It was difficult enough to find a job as is, especially with the economy.

I would really love to be able to stay here and stay with the same employer, and live a more normal, functional life as I have been used to before all this happened.

I would not wish such a thing on ANYone. This seemed to come from out of nowhere.

Now it feels like all I ever worked for and believed in being able to do has been turned upside down. It is so frustrating.

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Mar 30, 2010
Support is Available
by: Katina

Local Community Resources
Start here first when needing help with housing, financial assistance for disabled, even home repair and assistive equipment for disabled.

This website link has numerous links to education, financial assistance, and support/chat groups for people with Epilepsy.

National Organization for Seizure Disorders / Epilepsy

Epilepsy Foundation-- Great Resource!

Talk About it -- Check this out!
A very cool website / presentation about Epilepsy. Celebrities talk about the disease.

While this organization may not have grants available for individuals, they can help assist with advocacy, case management, referrals, research for available help.

Allentown Kiwanis Club
Allentown, PA, USA
Tom Harp

Here are some organizations that offer grants to individuals, university students, and/or to nonprofit organizations. All of the listings shown here can be found online by typing the name of the agency into a search engine.

Skills USA - VICA council
1601 union blvd
Allentown, PA 18109-1509

Philip & Muriel Berman Foundation
1150 S Cedar Crest Blvd Ste 203
Allentown, PA 18103-7900

AAA Scholarship Fund Of The Lehigh Valley Motor Club
1020 Hamilton St
Allentown, PA 18101-1013

Eduserve, Inc.
3140 B W Tilghman St Pmb 106
Allentown, PA 18104-0000

Lehigh Carbon Community College Foundation
718 Hamilton St Ste 511
Allentown, PA 18101-2497

Thanks for sharing your story.

Katina from Accessible.org

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