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Family Needs Government Grant Money To Help Care For A Down Syndrome Child

by Dana Wallace
(Grass Valley, CA, USA)

Three years ago my husband and I received a phone call. It was a friend of ours telling us that she needed a place for her Down syndrome son to live.

At the time he was nine years old, and was in jeopardy of going to an institution, because of his behaviors. My husband and I didn't think twice about it since we had basically raised him since he was an infant.

We were considered extended family members, were approved right away and he moved in with us within two weeks.

This was only supposed to be a temporary situation but since, has turned into a permanent plan of adoption. This little boy has changed our lives, but in the process we have had some major financial setbacks.

Due to the economy my husband's hours have been cut, and I injured my knee to the point that I am on disability. I have been off work now for three months and have noticed a dramatic change in our little boy's behaviors.

He enjoys me being home with him, taking care of his every need. We don't have temper tantrums anymore, his verbal skills are improving, and I am available to help in his classroom, get him to doctor's appointments and after school activities as needed.

My husband and I are seeking a grant to help us get back on track with our monthly bills, to get caught up on our mortgage payments and property taxes so that we wont lose our home.

This money will help us make a final decision on whether or not I need to return to work or be able to stay home with our little boy.

I realize that everyone has a story, ours is not much different from the thousands of people out there struggling. We want what is best for our Down syndrome son and hope that there's some government grant or other funding to help.

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