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Father Disabled By Rare Muscle Disease Seeks Government Housing Grant

by Brian
(Scottville, MI, USA)

My story starts seven years ago. I was a typical hard-working American working 16 hours a day or better and striving to make a life.

I was home for one weekend from my job when I was struck down by a rare muscle disease. I was paralyzed from the waist down. I was diagnosed and released by that following Monday.

I had to learn how to walk all over again and learn to deal with day-to-day activities and learn what I could or could not do any more. About one year passed with me in and out of the hospital for paralysis in my legs.

I then found my love that I married and soon after became a dad. But my marriage only lasted three years. She could not take watching me struggle.

I had been taken off work and told that if I kept working, my body was just going to give up on me. So my son and I have managed to survive for the past two and a half years living with whoever we could to make it.

I just received my disability from SSI this fall and we have finally moved into a house and are renting. I want to give my son security and a stable home. I can do that where we live now only if I could buy the house.

Everything I have right now is going into medical bills because of a back problem I am having and I am facing surgery in the spring.

My family is there for us as much as they can but we need help to make it. I can't lose this house and watch my son's eyes again if we have to move. I really hope someone out there can help us.

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