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Father Disabled In Truck Accident Seeks Grant For Handicap Friendly Home

by Martin Culp
(Mackinaw, IL, USA)

My name is Martin Dean Culp and I am 40 years old. I go by Dean because I've never liked the name Martin.

I have been married since 1996. I have one son, who is 13 years old. I have one dog and two cats.

I used to be a weld foreman before I had my accident.

I completed basic training in the Army Reserves, but was not able to continue because I was stung by a bee and I found out I am allergic to bee stings. It was devastating when they had to honorably discharge me from the military.

We are not considered low income.

Disability Issues

I was in a single truck accident. I was picking up a guy for work at the boss’s house. My boss was helping this man get on his feet and he did not have a license.

I could not stop the truck I was driving, so it crashed into a creek that was frozen over and full of snow.

Two weeks later I had several strokes. As a matter of a fact, the doctors told my family I had less than a 1% chance of living. They were told they might want to say their last goodbyes to me.

I lost 70% of my cerebellum. Now I cannot walk. Often when I am talking to people, they cannot understand me.

Financial Hardship

I cannot work or get a license so we are down to one income in our house. I used to be the breadwinner.

I have a hard time getting around in our house because the doorways and hallways are too narrow. Also, the carpet hinders my wheelchair wheels from rolling and the shower is far too small.

I take a bus to meet my wife when I have doctor’s appointments. That way she can stay at work and make more money.

Income Efforts

I do receive Social Security. I looked for a grant online in order to build a house in which it’s easier for me to get around. The grant search has been very frustrating.

Specific Needs

I am looking for a grant so we can build a house that is easier for me to get around. I need a shower that is easier for me to use and many other special modifications.

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