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Fibromyalgia Disabled Woman Needs Help Getting Social Security Disability Income

by Nina Ellis
(Perryville, Missouri, USA)

I need help getting Social Security Disability income. I took me over a year and half and several doctors to finally be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

I had a hysterectomy in October of 2007 and afterwards developed pains all over. I was sent to a pain doctor who put me on muscle relaxant and pain pills. It masked the pain for the most part but did not work in terms of solving the underlying problem.

Then I was sent to a doctor to have a colonoscopy performed and I'm glad I did because they discovered several polyps and a broad based mass. I was told I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS.

Yet the pain continued. My regular doctor sent me to a physician who specializes in Fibromyalgia and that is what he has diagnosed.

Unfortunately along the journey I became very depressed, which I am being treated for along with social anxiety.

I applied for Social Security Disability and was declined and now have been waiting since February to get a hearing date and still have not heard from them. I called and was told it would be nine months to a year before I actually get my hearing.

In the meantime I have bills to pay along with the ones I already had. I've been turned over to a collection agency on one of the bills.

I also applied for unemployment and was told I had not made enough money in the period they go by.

I'm looking for ways to get my depression and anxiety under control while I continue to wait for the system to work. So help getting Social Security Disability income would be a wonderful start.

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Mar 30, 2010
Don't give up!
by: Valerie H.

If you've applied for disability before, check to see if the time has lapsed between the time you need to appeal, which is 60 days from the last response you received.

If so, apply again and send a copy of your recent medical records in either case, and you will win your case.

Believe me, that is how I got it for myself, husband and 3 of my children. If for any reason you are denied, continue to appeal along with sending your medical records and someone will recognize you eventually.

Remember, the longer they take to approve you the more back pay they will owe you if you appeal before the 60-day period. Just don't give up!

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