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Financial Advice And Grants To Help Disabled Teen Live Normal Life

by Jorge Aguilar
(Rialto, CA, USA)

My name is Jorge Aguilar. I am 19 years old and I live with my parents, sister, and niece. I have no kids.

I do not currently have a job, but I am looking for one. I feel like the jobs I would do best are working on vehicles and producing music. I have a passion for both of these things.

I'm the type of person that won't give up on my goals until they are accomplished.

Disability Issues

When I was 15, I was walking home from the store with a couple of my friends. I turned the corner on Sycamore Avenue, a street next to the one where I live.

Once I turned the corner I heard a loud bang that sounded like a firework. I was going to turn to see what it was but all I remember is waking up on the ground.

I tried to get up because I felt no pain. I then noticed I couldn't feel anything or move my legs from my waist down. I just waited until the ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital.

Doctors at the hospital diagnosed me as a paraplegic and told my family that I would never walk again. I never gave up hope and I got a lot better.

I still can't walk normally and I most likely never will. I walk with forearm crutches and I only use a wheelchair for long distance trips. I would say I got lucky.

Financial Hardship

As of right now the only money I receive is SSI. Unfortunately, that is not enough money for me to pay all my bills.

I have a car payment, car insurance, a phone bill, and rent that I have to pay.

I have my own transportation but gas is really expensive. I take long drives to CSUSB, a college in San Bernardino.

I take medication as well, including Baclofen, Vicodin, and Gabapentin. I sometimes have to pay a share of the cost for the medication.

I use a wheelchair, forearm crutches, and AFO braces on my feet because I have no feeling in my ankles.

Income Efforts

I collect cans in a garbage bag to help me with a little bit of extra money. I also take care of my niece. My sister pays me every other week for that.

I go to the Department of Rehabilitation so they can help me find a job. So far I have had no luck.

Other than that there is really nothing else I could do because of my disability. I receive SSI but that is not enough at all.

My parents try to help me with what they can but they have bills of their own to pay.

Specific Needs

I would like to acquire all the benefits I can. It is hard to provide for yourself when you are disabled.

Hopefully I can get a grant so I can provide myself with food, a home, and gas money. I want to continue going to college and I hope to get a job soon.

I would also like advice on how to manage my money and how to invest it.

Business Idea

If I decided to finance a business it would have to be something I really enjoy.

I am really interested in cars and I like working on them, so I would invest in a mechanic shop. Everyone needs a vehicle to get around and sooner or later that vehicle is going to break down.

It is a never ending process so that means my job will be a never ending process, providing me with customers all the time.

I might need a little bit of advice. I would take some classes on financing a business because I know it's easier said than done.

I will put my mind to it and get it done no matter what. I will not let my disability get in the way of me financing a business. I just need help to start my plan.

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Mar 22, 2016
Keep your head up
by: Fia

Keep your head up. I know what you are going thru. I was a productive member of society till my illness sidelined me. I also am searching for a grant to go back to school to learn basics in computers. I feel I want to work but I'm not able to because of my medical condition, so I want to get some skills to be employable in the computer field.

May 30, 2013
Good for You Jorge
by: Dottie C.

My hat is off to you Jorge. I, too, am physically challenged. When I read your story, I was touched by your ambition to succeed in life. I can truly emphasize with you. I have been medically kicked around so many times, but I always manage to get back up and keep life going no matter what comes my way.

Thank you for reminding me not to ever give up in my own plight to return to the real working world. Best of luck to you. I know you're in the right place at ability-mission.org.

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