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Financial Aid To Help Severely Disabled Woman Sue Abusive Adoptive Father

by Teresa Leahy
(White Rock, BC, Canada)

I am a single 48-year-old female living alone in White Rock, British Columbia, Canada.

I am on long-term disability from TELUS who still is my employer. My union takes good care of me but the cost of living here has gone up so much I pay my bills and have nothing left.

I once contacted NBA (National Benefit Authority) and they wouldn't help me financially because I owe Revenue Canada money. I just need money for food.

Disability Issues

I have been neglected and abused since my unwanted birth by a drug addicted 15-year-old girl in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I was finally adopted at age five with severe mental and physical disabilities. My new father was an abusive alcoholic. He has been abusing me for 40 years.

I am now in the process of finding a pro bono lawyer to help me get financial compensation from my dad. It might go to the Supreme Court because I want $50,000. I am also looking into other options to settle out of court.

Financial Hardship

I am trying to see a pro bono lawyer to start the paperwork needed to sue my father for $50,000, as a financial hardship award or 10 years of potential income I have lost because I cannot work anymore.

I am heavily medicated and in therapy for life. He ruined my life and I want compensation as a victim of crime.

Income Efforts

I run a small massage business that generates a small and unreliable income.

Specific Needs

I am in the process of trying to book an appointment with a pro bono lawyer.

My union pays me well but the cost of living in my hometown of White Rock has gone up so much.

I am trying to get some financial assistance with rent, food etc

Business Idea

I would like to be a paid writer for a women's magazine working from home.

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