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Quickly Find Grants Online That Apply To Your Disability And Financial Situation

Updated May 24, 2017

The most challenging grant writing task is to find grants online. But there's a way to make it easier. Happily, there are no cumbersome government sites that you have to struggle to make sense of.

Important Caveat. Although Ability Mission offers its services at no cost, this page recommends products and/or services from third parties (sponsors) who charge for what they offer. So our no-cost guarantee does not apply. In any case, the third-party costs are usually quite small. And since we've already vetted all the offerings as providing outstanding value, you can buy with full confidence.

This page presents four solid, proven ways to find grants online:

  1. Use The Information USA Private Database.
  2. Use The Foundation Center Private Database.
  3. Search The Countless Sources NOT In Google.
  4. Hire America's Top Government Grant Expert.

Remember, the two key steps in getting a grant are:

  1. Search until you find a grant that matches your situation (what this page is all about).
  2. Apply to the agency in question (covered by the Writing Grant Proposals page).

So, just to be crystal clear. You need to know where to apply. That's what this page is all about... helping you find the granting agencies with the money!

Finding Government Grants Online

Image of uncle Sam depicting that the feds give away a lot of money (billions), but not directly to individuals!
The feds give away a lot of money (billions), but not directly to individuals!

The federal site, www.grants.gov, is considered THE authority on government grants.

But... to find grants online there, and especially grant money with your name on it, you'll need an extremely powerful magnifying glass!

Why? Because grants.gov is a site describing federal programs, most of which are not accessible to individuals. The feds give money to the states (and others) who, in turn, do the bulk of the grant-giving.

It's a great resource though if you just want to learn something about government grants, without any commercial hype. Please be sure to visit www.grants.gov for basic information about grants.

One of the surprising things you'll discover when visiting grants.gov is that there's no handy list that you as an individual can use to find grants online.

1. The Information USA Private Database

But a great online search alternative exists! And it's not Google or Bing! It's the Information USA database of grant programs that are available in the United States.

Ability-Mission's Coggan with Matthew Lesko at a grant seminar in 2003.
Ability-Mission's Coggan with Matthew Lesko at a grant seminar in 2003.

Information USA is a private company that belongs to Matthew Lesko. You've probably heard of him. He's famous for his question-mark suits and cars, and his loud preaching about all the free government money available.

Behind that noisy exterior though is a man who sincerely wants to help people access money that is basically there for the taking.

Lesko's database is a compilation of grant programs that used to be listed in the many books he published starting in the '80s.

The online database is so much better, because it's always up to date, making it super easy to find grants online. Books have out of date information the moment they hit the bookshelves.

Lesko calls his grant database "The Government Money Club." It's a playful name, toying with the idea of accessing government money through privileged club membership.

The "Club" offers well priced options to meet a variety of needs. Read on to see if this is really for you.

How To REALLY Find Grants Online

The REAL solution to locate grant programs online is Lesko's database. It's truly geared to the needs of the individual by a man who's been in the grant writing business since the early '80s.

Matthew Lesko is widely known as the "The Free Money Guru Of Government Giveaways." Here are some facts about him:

  • In over 25 years of experience, he's educated Fortune 500 companies and average taxpayers about government money programs.
  • His writings on the subject include 100+ books, as well as syndicated columns for The New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine.
  • Two of his books have been on the New York Times Best Seller Lists. Two have received awards from the American Library Association.
  • He's been a regular on hundreds of TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno's Tonight Show, Letterman and Oprah.

With his online database, you can quickly and easily find grants online. You can put questions to the Lesko live librarian, download actual approved applications and view informative videos designed to give you the right information to succeed.

Business people around two laptops.
Wouldn't you be smiling too, if you were able to access thousands of grant programs online so quickly and easily?

It's not expensive. Members enjoy these benefits:

  • Access to over 15,000 real grant opportunities
  • Help finding programs specific to YOU in YOUR area
  • Free assistance doing ANY government application
  • Unlimited access to Lesko's team of researchers
  • 24/7 email access to get ANY question answered
  • 1-on-1 training with Matthew Lesko himself
  • Access to experts to prepare customized reports
  • Assistance writing grants from trained experts
  • Priority notification of 200+ new monthly programs
  • Exclusive interview videos with government officials

Lesko offers a NO RISK, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you're not satisfied with your membership, cancel at any time... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Enroll now in the Platinum, Gold or Silver Plan, whichever suits your budget, wants and needs.

The Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan is $159.40 + $19.95/month after 12 months. Cancel at any time. Take the entire year to research, ask questions and file as many applications as you want. The Lesko librarian will help you.

The Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is $79.70 + $19.95/month after 6 months. Cancel at any time. Take the time you need to research, ask questions and get responses for your requests! Act now. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is $19.95 + $19.95/month after 30 days. Cancel at any time. Learn where, when, and how to apply for grants with this 30-day trial membership! If you continue after 30 days, you'll be billed $19.95 monthly. Use it only as long as you need it. Cancel at any time.

2. The Foundation Center Private Database

Like Information USA, for less than $20, the Foundation Center's Grants To Individuals Online will give you a month's access to find funding you qualify for, as an individual. Get the details here:

The Foundation Center also provides free funding information through more than 450 Funding Information Network locations worldwide. Site visitors whose stories are published on Ability-Mission.org get details about this free service. Learn about getting your story published.

3. Search The Countless Sources NOT In Google

Image of cover of Websites BETTER THAN GOOGLE for Getting Money and Help That's FREE eBook by Matthew Lesko.

This eBook is the only reference source you need to go beyond the limitations of Google and other search engines.

It includes 27 instructional videos to help you master the knowledge you need to bring you that better life you've always wanted.

In 1975, when Matthew Lesko started his professional career with an MBA in computers, the biggest source of information was the Library of Congress: 20 million books.

Today in 2017, the biggest source of information is the Internet: 1 billion websites. And the Internet continues to grow exponentially.

Google and other advertising-based search engines are used by over 90% of users to find help on the Internet.

But the answers you get are wrong over 65% of the times.

Buy this essential search resource for only $9.95 and learn the 5 ways Google gives you the wrong answers and the 6 ways you can get the right answers you need in order to compete and thrive in the Internet society.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction video gives detailed description of the 5 ways Google gives you the wrong answers.
  2. Search engine alternative shows you only websites that give money and help for free and you can call them on the phone.
  3. Discover the best place to find free consulting help to start any business, non-profit, freelance job or invention.
  4. Learn how to get free wi-fi, access to 140,000 grants not on the Internet and the best local free researchers in America.
  5. Learn how free researchers get veterans 100% more money.
  6. Make an appointment for buying a home or getting out of debt.
  7. Get free help with your garden, food related business and finances.
  8. Discover how to legally get free money from your congressman.
  9. Outsmart student debt scammers...gov't programs to cut your debt.
  10. Learn tons more about free money with these bonus videos.
    • now Internet gives Wall Street money to any small business
    • 10 reasons why the election proves you have to start a business or create your own job
    • what do you do when you have no idea what to do
    • the 2 best ways to get a job of a lifetime
    • how to make $200,000/year and collect government welfare money
    • get your loved one free money to do their thing in life

4. Hire America's Top Government Grant Expert

Image of cover of 299 Ways To Use The Internet To Keep Cash Coming In eBook (with custom report) by Matthew Lesko.

How powerful would you feel if you had America's foremost grant expert working on your behalf?

Pretty powerful, right?

Well, that's exactly how you'll feel after learning and applying the proven tactics revealed in Matthew Lesko's eBook, "299 Ways To Use The Internet To Keep Cash Coming In" and then hiring Lesko himself to do a custom search and report for your specific geographic location.

With this video eBook you'll benefit in two powerful ways:

  1. First, you'll instantly learn how to access the world’s largest collection of free money, free services and easy cash to live on.
  2. Second, Lesko will do the tedious customized research for YOUR town, city, county and state and then send you a personalized report.

(Please allow Lesko 14 days to complete the research and send you your report by email.)

What is that worth? It should be hundreds, even thousands of dollars when you consider that Lesko is doing this for you.

But no! Lesko has found the ideal way to pay his expertise forward and he's charging only $79.95 for the eBook and the customized report.

Order "299 Ways To Use The Internet To Keep Cash Coming In" right now and reach the life you always wanted so much sooner.

This video eBook Includes 122 Instructional videos… to learn the best ways to take advantage of these websites.

  • 150 Websites To Apply For Grants, Forgivable Loans, Free Direct Payments And Free Services
  • 149 Websites For Making Extra Cash Through The Internet Economy… Crowdfunding, Small Business, Peer-To-Peer, And The Shared Economy

Stop paying for living expenses when you don’t have to.

  • Don’t pay for cell phone plans or expensive Internet.
  • Don’t pay for all your living expenses while you start your business.
  • Don’t pay for a $2,000 windfall of cash.
  • Don’t pay for a four-year college degree from an accredited university in business, computers, health and MBA.
  • Don’t pay for groceries if you’re short on funds.
  • Don’t put money into a home, business or education savings account if the bank doesn’t add grant money to it.
  • Don’t pay for all or some of your heating and cooling bills.
  • Don’t pay for emergency rent or mortgage money
  • Plus, over 100 more.

Learn the easiest ways to make extra cash only when YOU WANT TO.

  • Drive, ride or walk and make up to $25/hr with on-demand courrier services.
  • Don’t pay to be one 800,000 pet lovers make up to $39,000/yr at home part time.
  • Make money showing visitors what you live to do in town
  • Make money cooking what you love at home.
  • Make money sharing your home, room, apartment, couch, tent, or tree house.
  • How to make money in real estate without owning any real estate.
  • Make $350/month from your car when you’re not using it.
  • Live or travel rent free.
  • Plus, over 100 more.

Let this Table of Contents show you free money and help for every aspect of your life.

  1. Introduction
  2. Jobs, Education and Training
  3. Daily Bills and Expenses
  4. Health Care and Prescription Drugs
  5. Dental Care
  6. Vet Bills and Pet Food
  7. Legal
  8. Free Tax Help
  9. Cut Your Student Debt
  10. Local People Who Find You Money and Help
  11. How Creating a 2nd Income Increases Your Business Success
  12. How The Internet Economy Is Changing the Way We Keep Cash Coming In
  13. Websites to Get Full Time, Part Time, or One-Time Jobs
  14. Websites for One Of-A-Kind Jobs
  15. Make Money with All or Part of Your Home or Boat or Someone Else’s
  16. Make Money with Your Car
  17. Money from Your Closet
  18. Money from All Your Other Stuff
  19. Make Money Educating Others with Your Skills
  20. Creating a "Crowdfunding Failure" Is Easiest and Cheapest Way to Grow Any Business
  21. How to Choose the Right Crowdfunding Platform
  22. Free Download (Hey Guys: Start Learning Here) 65 Women Tell How They Were Able to Get 100% More Money Than Men Using Crowdfunding

Order "299 Ways To Use The Internet To Keep Cash Coming In" right now and reach the life you always wanted so much sooner.

Important Caveat. Although Ability Mission offers its services at no cost, this page recommends products and/or services from third parties (sponsors) who charge for what they offer. So our no-cost guarantee does not apply. In any case, the third-party costs are usually quite small. And since we've already vetted all the offerings as providing outstanding value, you can buy with full confidence.

Please contact us if you have questions about the content of this page or any other pages here at Ability-Mission.org.