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Fred With Disabilities Seeks Legal Advice And Grant Money For Medical Bills

by Fred Sayin
(Holly Hill, FL, USA)

I'm a single guy turning 48 this March. I have three sisters and two brothers that are all older than me.

Both my parents are deceased: my father in 2004 and my mother in 2010. I am an Eagle Scout, the highest level in Boy Scouts. Also, I just received the Boy Scouts James E. West award in the mail.

I have about 11 years experience working with school age children (5-18) in both professional and volunteer jobs.

I currently help a local Boy Scout troop as an adult leader and instructor. Also I help a Sunday school teacher with the teenagers.

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Disability Issues

I was born with hypotonia (a state of low muscle tone). I'm not allowed to lift more than 30 lbs by doctor's order.

I'm blind in my left eye due to it being lazy. I don't know when this started.

From 1980-1987, I had anxiety attacks but cured them on my own. I used what I call umpire therapy, a way for me to learn assertiveness skills.

In 1988, I started having seizures for reasons unknown. I still have about one seizure per month.

In 2003, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. This has improved greatly with self-help books, a local professor that deals with mental health and new church membership in 2010. Antidepressants with anticonvulsants help control my seizures.

Financial Hardship

I receive $1195 from Social Security monthly. I am currently not earning any income. At the end of this month, however, my first book for children will be coming out. I paid $500 for publishing in installments.

I have about $15,000 in medical debts, ER and ambulance. Also I allege that about $500 was stolen by DirecTV with nothing recovered.

I have about $5,000 in student loans, which I want to get forgiven; however, it might be hard because the University of the Rockies (in Colorado) owned by Bridgeport Education lied about their accreditation.

I spend about $650 for shelter, about $200 for food per month and spent about $2,000 last year for medicine.

I also spend about $30 a month on transportation. I don't have a driver's license due to seizures, which is also the reason for not currently having a nine-to-five job.

Income Efforts

I receive $1195 from Social Security.

I should have a $26,000 inheritance; however, I allege that my older siblings are illegally blocking me from getting it. I spent $150 for a local lawyer whose letters were just ignored.

My first published book is coming out. The income is not known yet.

From 1989-1992, I earned $50 a day as an on-call substitute teacher.

From 1990-1997, I earned about $8 an hour as a bakery assistant 1-3 days a week.

In the summer of 1997, tried being a camp counselor for about $100 a week. I had to stop due to severe heat exhaustion.

In the spring of 1989, I earned $7 a game (weekly) as scorekeeper for a local youth baseball league.

In the spring of 2000, I was a kindergarten teacher at a private school in Daytona Beach, Florida. I don't remember what I earned.

In June 2000, I worked as an office clerk, again, income not remembered.

Also from 2003 to 2006, I spent about $900 to live at an ALF (Assisted Living Facility) until a friend persuaded me that I could live on my own.

Specific Needs

I seek a grant to pay off my medical bills.

Also I seek advice from a lawyer on how to get my inheritance legally and to get my student loans forgiven. Is lying about accreditation by a college considered fraud?

The bank account that I'm closing is negative $400 due to about $158 in fraudulent purchases plus $70 in overdraft. During a fraud investigation, checks written in good faith bounced due to insufficient funds. I just mailed a letter of dispute to TD bank. My bank is now Wells Fargo.

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Jun 03, 2015
The Workbook will help!
by: Don from Ability Mission


Thanks for the update! Have you got the Workbook yet? It shows you how to use your story.

Best always,
Don Coggan

Jun 02, 2015
by: Fred

Social Security Income is now $1034 with $184 going to the Department of Education due to a alleged fraudulent college asking me to attend their college online.

I allege the US Department of Education makes sure there is a mountain of red tape as the organization wants money from a disabled person. Maybe this is how the government plans to reduce income by creating mounds of red tape.

Florida Politicians, National Politicians the US Department of Education, the Student Ombudsman Agency whose services would be done better by 12 and 13 year old Boy Scouts.

Since no one wants to help me if the US Department of Education doesn't want to handle the problem created by "For profit colleges," this department should be closed and no more Federal Student Loans.

90% of Federal Student Loan Fund goes to "For Profit Colleges" and only 10% of college students are going to "For profit colleges."

Need to change some numbers: Inheritance about $20,000 and medical debts about $20,000.

Jan 29, 2014
by: Fred Sayin

About 2 weeks ago TD bank honored my dispute letter and the negative $400 was discharged and the checking account closed. Also I just received the first copy of my book last Wednesday in the mail. Retail price for the book is $8.00.

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