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Government Business Grant For Accident Disabled Brain Injured 33 Year Old Man

by Fuller Caton
(Henderson, North Carolina, USA)

I am a 33-year-old single man with brain damage, caused when a drunk diver hit me while I was walking.

My brain damage has caused me to have trouble concentrating and remembering subjects on which I have no interest in but, comprehend and become engrossed in matters of passion.

In May of 2005 I went to Charleston, South Carolina to see a friend graduate from culinary school. It was the night before graduation and I remember we went walking to get some food.

The next thing I remember, it was the middle of July and I was very skinny and being wheelchaired out of MUSC Hospital to be driven home by my mother. The first two weeks I was there, I was in a coma and unresponsive.

I have no memory of the following six weeks but slowly began to become active.

In the following six years I have consistently been going through school and reading to help get back to my previous learning capacity.

I graduated from college in 2001 on the dean's list. After my Traumatic Brain Damage I retain all of my old memories. I just have my trouble with new ones.

My dedication and devotion has fallen on real estate and business brokering.

I spend all of my time reading and re-reading books from business professionals like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and George Antone.

I have gained knowledge on how to successfully start a business investing in real estate.

My official disability is close head brain damage.

The brain is an unimaginable organ that cannot be healed back to its original state, but it can regrow neurons around disconnected ones. It is different for ALL brain injuries. It takes time, but can happen.

Ever since my accident I have been helped in my finances by Social Security. They pay me $674 a month to cover my rent, bills, food, gas and medication.

The SSD covers the essentials, but there's nothing left over to advance any personal pursuit.

I also fractured my back in the accident, which has caused me to recently rupture a damaged lower disc. This makes it difficult to find any kind of paying job, leaving me to search for help in the grant section.

I have repeatedly attempted to find work-at-home jobs to no avail, and I do not receive donations, just social security income.

This is my attempt to reach out and find a grant to help start up a business that will provide for me, as well as for any employees I will need.

I am looking for a grant to start a business.

The apartment-investing boom is influenced by home foreclosures, and it is going to continue for the next three years. When homes are foreclosed upon the former homeowners have little choice of residence.

Projected sales and costs:

For a realistic example, I'll assume that I am purchasing a $500,000 apartment building.

I'm going to mortgage the property with a 25-year, fixed rate commercial loan at around 7.0% interest rate.

The mortgage loan amount is $400,000.
The Net Operating Income is $47,000.

Figure in about $12,000 for closing costs including appraisals and the bank's fees.

The annual mortgage payment including principal and interest is equal to $33,925.

Here's the math:

Net Operating Income: $47,000 -- Loan Payments: $33,925 = Cash Flow of $13,075.

This means that the total cash flow on the property is equal to $13,075.

I had a total investment up front of $112,000.

My first year annual cash on cash return is equal to 12%.

That's for the first year of a real estate investment, and that's just one. I plan on building a business to own several.

To accomplish this management team needs to be built consisting of real estate brokers, attorneys, realtors, collection agencies just to name a few.

I have studied and learned a lot of the information I will need to accomplish my plan. I just need the money to get started.

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Nov 08, 2011
by: Meredith Hearn Dockery

Dear Fuller,

I followed your link and read your story. I think it is so wonderful to see you taking action to move forward. We are in a time when so many are blaming others for the misfortune they have fallen upon it is both inspiring and uplifting to read your story.

I am confident you will find the tools you need to begin this new venture in your life. You are going in the right direction and we could all learn a lesson from you.

All my best,
Meredith H. Dockery

Oct 30, 2011
Business grants
by: Ken

Hello Fuller,

It seems to me that you weren't able to get anything from the accident insurance. That's too bad. In some states they have victims insurance even if the driver was drunk. I know what you mean by having selective memory; my wife has the same issue. We have different types of grants in Canada. You can apply for a loan for persons with disabilities, but you must have a completed business plan with a very precise cost/profit projection, right down to the cost of staples. You also have to have tried all other financial institutions first. Maybe if it is not listed at the bottom link of this page, try and copy and paste this address to your browser


Good luck,

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