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Government Business Grant To Get Back The Successful Future Fate Denied Me

by Dustin Schullman
(Red Deer, AB, Canada)

My name Is Dustin Schullman and I'm looking for a government business grant to get back the successful future fate has denied me so far.

I'm currently 25 years old and living in Red Deer, Alberta. I grew up in the small farming community of Swan River, Manitoba.

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Growing up I had always wanted to take over and run my family farm. It was all I had known as a lifestyle. But Life had a different plan for me.

Medical Problems Went Unnoticed

When I was eight years old, I started to run into medical problems that nobody, not even myself, knew were happening. I started to develop severe headaches, and I notice significantly reduced circulation to the lower half of my body.

My parents had thought it was just a common virus or a cold, so ignoring my complaints of being ill, we continued on with daily life.

It was January of 1994, where I had found myself going on my first real family vacation, to the West Edmonton Mall. For a small town boy from Manitoba it was a pretty big deal.

My head continued to throb in pain, and my heart began to grow weaker. But the excitement of vacation seemed to outweigh the pain. We had arrived in Edmonton after a long drive and it was later in the evening.

My younger brother, older sister and parents had just got settled in the hotel room and decided to go tour the mall. Little did I know that my vacation would end after the night's short tour.

We looked around a short while, seeing all the things I would have loved to do in the upcoming days. We returned to the room, got ready for bed, and ordered a movie to watch before we called it a night.

Upon finishing the movie, I personally started feeling upset. I felt like crying yet didn't know why. I never cried; I was a tough farm boy, basically invincible.

Ignoring my own personal thoughts, I went to sleep because my parents said I was just fine. This is the part that haunts me till this very day.

It was 5:00 am January 14, 1994. I had woken up in a panic, feeling completely different than I had felt for the last eight years.

A Piece Of My Soul Stolen At Eight

I had felt as though somebody had stolen a piece of my soul. I cried out to my mother that my head hurt. Everyone told me to be quiet as it was early and to go grab some Advil out of the suitcase and take it and go back to sleep.

I stood up just as I normally would have. Then I took two steps around the edge of the bed where I collapsed, just as if a car had hit me.

Being who I was, tough as nails, never being put down, I jumped up, just to collapse again. After repeating this effort four times, my parents finally realized something was wrong, but it was too late.

This day changed my life forever! Being in a new city, we had no idea where a hospital was. My father got a cab driver to lead us to the nearest hospital, where even Alberta's best doctors were stunned.

Test after test revealed nothing but dead ends! Nobody could figure out what had happened. I was left paralyzed completely on my left side.

I was tied up, poked with needle after needle, and submitted to spinal taps and CAT Scans. I was terrified. The thoughts of that day still scare me to this very moment.

I couldn't stop crying. My mom and dad were a wreck, regretting not taking action earlier. I think they knew I would never be the same person I was before.

That day my mom lost her little boy, and my dad lost his future farmer. As silly as that may sound to some, it was the life I had dreamt of, to grow up and take on the life I had come to love.

The upcoming weeks from that day revealed that I had a severe stroke. A main artery in my heart had been pinched off from birth, restricting blood flow to my brain.

Part of my brain controlling the left side of my body had become useless. It was unheard of for a youngster to have a stroke such as this. It was even more unheard of to survive. In previous cases such as this the child had passed away.

Blessed Or Cursed?

Some days I feel blessed for being strong enough to survive such a thing. Other days I feel cursed, as I'm being punished for something!

I continued life in a lot of pain. Day after day, it eventually became normal. Months later, I found myself in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Slightly closer to home, and near my grandparents and a very close uncle, I underwent more testing and small surgeries until the day I underwent a risky open heart procedure where they would either repair or replace my aorta.

They managed to repair my heart. Things went fairly well, as I'm still here today! My father had put the farming on hold to come be there as I went under. I still remember saying my goodbyes to them before they took me into the operating room.

Part of me thought it might be the last time I would ever see my family. I still remember as they had me counting backwards from 100 as they gave me the sleeping gas. I tried to stop them because I wanted to say goodbye one last time.

I think nobody knew I was old enough or smart enough to know the stakes at hand. But I was! I knew exactly what would happen if things didn't go as planned. I knew that there was family and friends that I would never have the chance to say bye to.

To The Brink And Back Again

I went under, and to my surprise, I woke back up, with more tubes and wires in me than I ever thought possible. I didn't even feel like a person anymore. Things had gone well and according to plan.

I look back now and see that the surgery was the easy part, nobody had told me about the years of physical therapy and hardship to come!

I went through junior high and high school and saw most of my friends turn against me, as I was "different" now. I had been called a cripple and many other things. Even family members had turned on me. I graduated early from high school, as my medical history made me grow faster academically.

I tried taking over the family farm as per my previous life plan, yet uncovered hardship and ill feelings between my parents and me. It's almost as though I unintentionally blamed them for ruining the rest of my life.

Don't get me wrong. I have no intentions of feeling this way. It was as if I couldn't help it, so I set out in life. I found myself in Estevan, Saskatchewan.

I was officially in the oil patch, where I found myself as a welder's helper, building pump jacks for the oilfield. This life was all new to me. I tried my best to adapt to it and its expectations.

Once again though, just like in high school, I was persecuted for being different. I was called crippled, and a handicap, even though I always got the job done, sometimes with more difficulty, and usually in a different way!

I was let go from one job after another. I tried this for almost two years with nothing but dead ends. I wanted a new start, so I moved to Alberta where my sister resided after getting married.

I found myself in a gym, trying to better myself. Doctor after doctor had told me not to strain myself or lift anything heavy, but I slowly improved myself.

Back In The Oil Patch

After a while I found myself in Red Deer, Alberta, back in the oil patch, I thought I was doing considerably better. I was smart and I had gained enough experience and passed enough courses to find myself in a position of authority. I found a glimpse of myself before I got sick. I finally had drive again.

I wanted to further my career. I was still undergoing a lot of persecution from ignorant people that weren't smart enough to understand life and the curves it throws some people.

I'm now asking for help to get back my successful future. I feel like I've been cheated, but with a bit of help I know that I can overcome things that have happened in my past, and have a successful future and a family.

I have obtained the experience that I need to do contract operation and productions consulting in the oil and gas industry. I'm looking for a $250,000 business grant from the government so that I can start my own business and get back the future I know I could have easily had before.

In this $250,000 I have budgeted for all of my equipment, including truck, ATV, laptop and satellite communications system, and all the required courses and training I'll need on top of what I have now.

With help, I know I can get this business off the ground and running.

I know I'm asking for a lot, but I feel like my future is worth a lot. I have never been a burden to society and I don't want to be a burden in the future.

So I'm ready and willing to take control of my future right now and create a base and solid lifestyle for my well-being in the years to come.

I want to be successful, and have a family and a good life. This is my dream! And I'm asking for help. I don't even know if I'm coming to the right place for this help. But if you can't help me, please point me in the right direction.

A government business grant or any equivalent assistance to get back my successful future is the best prescription for me now. This is my Life and I want it back!

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Mar 21, 2010
Wonderfully Written Story!
by: Katina

Hello, thank you for sharing your story at Accessible.org! You have written a great story, which helps a lot when trying to find grant opportunities. I think for some, the entire grant writing process is hard to understand. Many of us are not writers or researchers, which makes it difficult to find the right grant leads.

While I don't recommend everyone going out to purchase a grant-writing program or grant program, it may be right for you since you need over $50,000. You may need to obtain several grants, to reach your goals.

Do you have a business plan written up yet?

Have you visited the Small Business Administration or IRS.gov website to find out what type of business entity you would like to start? There is a lot of valuable information and how to articles on these websites.

After being a manager of an online business, I found out that my business was not registered as a Small Business with the SBA, and I could have applied for grants on Grants.gov, had I become compliant with CCR: Central Contracting Registration, and had a DUNS number. There is a lot to starting a business, and remaining compliant. This is where a business plan comes in handy.

Without a plan, the grant money won't be useful. This is a great first step: plan, network, and search, find, obtain, and manage.

Some places for assistance:

Grants Gate
Federal Aid Finder
Disability Association -- (your area).

Additional information:

I would also recommend having a website created, to do some networking, and help with earning some start up funds.

You could create a CMS type of website (highly recommended), and add content or allow your visitors to upload content to bring visitors/traffic to your website, while earning funds through incorporating advertisements such as: Google AdSense, Kontera Text Links, Click Bank Ads, Amazon Associate Listings, EBay Partnerships... there are many options for earning income online. Something I didn't do well the first three years out managing my online business.

Ok, I sort of went around the topic a bit. I hope some of this information helps lead you into the right directly. Please let us know if any of these suggestions help, and tell your friends about the website so others may have a chance to receive supportive comments.

Wishing you the very best.

Good luck to you, I'm sure you are going to bring about a positive change in your life. It takes passion and hard work to start a new business; it takes the strength of an army to succeed in our world when you have a disability. Nothing is impossible, you remember that and you won't fail.

Katina from Accessible.org

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