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Government Disability Grant Money Needed For Elderly Mother In Law

by Tameisha L. Haynes
(Roanoke, VA, USA)

I will start of by saying the reason I would like a government grant is because my mother-in-law came to visit us about four weeks ago with her other two kids and they are still staying with us to this day.

The reason that she is still with us is because when she left where she was staying to come visit us the lady she was staying with had other intentions. She told my mother-in-law never to come back.

It is hard leaving under one roof with five adults and two children. My mother-in-law has fallen two times at my house and I as a certified nursing assistant would like to be at home with her to make sure that she will be okay.

As an older woman she needs medical things like MiraLax, sinus and allergy pills, pain meds for her arthritis and Preparation H. I have been getting that stuff she needs with my money.

I have had brain embolizations myself four times and I still have an arteriovenous malformation. It is being pain-controlled with medicine.

My brother-in-law gets food stamps but I get nothing. My son's father doesn't even pay his child support. It is getting very hard. I feel like the home that my husband and I just bought is not a home any more.

Times are getting hard and I have had to scrape pennies just to buy some toilet tissue. I usually go to meetings to do the research for a new community center that just opened but I can't go as planned because I don't even have the gas to get there.

I would basically like to be able to afford things we need and be able to make my home more appropriate for her disability. Yes she does get social security, Medicaid and Medicare.

I could go on and on but I am time limited at this computer. Thanks for listening to my story and for any government disability grant money that can be directed my way.

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Oct 18, 2014
Tameisha Haynes is not being completely honest
by: Va Lab in Madison, Wisconsin

I know Tameisha Haynes and can say with certainty that her story has dishonest statements. She has worked at the VA Hospital lab in Salem, Va and if she is no longer working there, it is because she quit. She has a history of trying to get things for free. She makes wrong choices in men and puts her own needs ahead of her young son's needs. Her first husband doesn't pay child support because she remarried. Her second marriage was filled with domestic abuse where both she and her husband attacked each other during multiple episodes of fighting, all in the presence of her son and another young child. Tameisha pretends that her health issue is so grave but she is able to work and date and run around even though she tells people how serious her health is. She makes poor financial decisions and lost a house to foreclosure.

Oct 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

I think it would be a good thing. Especially since she has the certification to do so. Plus I feel like she has good intentions, and the economy is at a trying time right now. So I do understand her situation. Good luck. I would like to hear more about your situation, since you were in such a rush.

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