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Government Disability Grant To Help Arthritis And Pain Disabled Man

by Horace Makodym
(Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

I am a 64-year-old disabled, retired and divorced man.

I have two adult children, 33 and 35 not living with me. I have one grandchild and two more on the way.

I never was in the military. I was an immigrant and I've been here for over 33 years.

I live with my girlfriend, who is my age and is deaf-mute disabled. She has three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

No one lives with us.

Disability Issues

I had two strokes when I was around 56 years old. Before that, life was great, but afterward my health started to decline.

I have bad arthritis in both hands and neck, plus one bone in my back is completely crushed, the doctor told me.

I live with severe pain every day. Some days, the pain is out of control. I sleep on a divan with no mattress. A mattress would help with the pain but I cannot afford one.

I use an electric scooter for mobility, because it is too hard to walk, and my balance is bad.

My partner is deaf-mute and has Type 1 diabetes. She uses a wheelchair too. We help one to another to survive.

It is really hard when we need go to shopping or anywhere else. It's worse because we have no car and both families are not really there to help much.

That stroke affected me too much. Some days I sleep only a few hours and some days when the pain is high together with dizziness I need much more sleep, sometimes 10-15 or more hours for feel better.

My bad hand limits what I can do, such as repairs around house. If we had a car, all would be much easier to do.

Financial Hardship

I receive $360 for social security retirement and $360 for disability. I pay $300 for half of the rent, plus a few bills. I get $160 in food stamps.

I need to save for a house ramp for my scooter and wheelchair, but I can't afford that for now.

My partner has SS and SSI, but she also pays half the rent and food. She also has to pay for weight medication related to her Type 1 diabetes.

She needs to eat a few time a day and take insulin.

We have no help from both our families. We depend on one another to survive.

Today we have no food and we need wait another day or two for better weather, so I can go for food.

We have no car to make things easier, and we cannot afford to buy a car now. I can take the bus, which is the only choice I have, but with cold and bad weather, is hard for me.

For me to live with $720 per month is a challenge, but having a car is a most important point for me. I drove all my life. When we go to any store I need my scooter just like she needs her wheelchair for walk.

Some days I get depressed and cry, and I ask God why my life became so hard for me?

When I was young and strong, I was working long hours every day and feeling happy, and I had no money problems, but now all is different.

Income Efforts

I can't work in anything. I try to get help from friends and family, but they can't help us.

We don't go to church because we have no car.

We're not finding help from the government.

If I could get a donation or grant, I would get a good ramp and van to carry our scooter and wheelchair.

We have a driver licence. I was a professional driver too. But transportation is now what we need more for survive together.

I doing all for my girlfriend because she is deaf-mute. I now need more help, but I don't where I can go for help.

Specific Needs

I need a grants or donation for get a used van for transportation.

We also need ramp for my scooter and wheelchair and a regular mattress for me for to sleep on. That would help us with the day-to-day living.

What is really hard to live with is my severe pain. My medication helps, but not 100%. The pain is constant.

We need the mobility to go shopping for medications and food. Some days are such a challenge for me, especially in winter.

I will appreciate any help. I know there are good people anywhere, but we don't have any friends to get together with.

We have no distractions; we just stay at home all the time. In the past when we had a car, we could go to church, shopping, the movies, but not any more.

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Dec 27, 2012
Be Careful What You Ask For
by: Claudy


If you are having trouble just buying food, how could you afford gas, upkeep and insurance on a vehicle? I am sure there is a lot of help for you but I'm not sure exactly what type of help that would be. I have seen grants for vehicles but little good that would do if you can't afford the insurance and gas to keep it running!

You should go online to a website called benefits.gov and take the statistical survey. A computerized list of all government grants, programs and services you qualify for is made. It is complete with addresses and contact information. You will be surprised at all the help available that you just weren't aware of. You can print out the list or email it to yourself because there will be a lot to go through.

Benefits.gov just added a video link to explain it all but it is simple enough and you probably will have no trouble. You'll notice help for problems you didn't mention. It will be the big picture of everything offered by the government. It is a great resource.

I'm sure you'll be busy with your list for some time to come. It is confidential and specific to you. Have your girlfriend take the survey also because she may qualify for benefits that you do not... just to be sure.

I hope you have good luck and the best New Year in lucky 2013.

Take care and bye for now...

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