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Government Education Grant Money Needed For Arthritis Disabled Mom

by Antionette Kuhnert
(Elk Grove, CA, USA)

Myself and my two girls

Myself and my two girls

I am a 35-year-old woman with severe arthritis that is now affecting my entire body. However I still have a dream.

I may be on disability, and may have that "disabled" title; however I am not going to allow this to rule my life or stop my dreams.

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I have found a passion and skill in photography. I always wanted to go back to school when my kids were of age, to earn a degree.

I wanted to show my kids what I'm capable of. My goal is to earn a bachelor's degree in photography. I have found a school that can do that.

It's something I can do from home in my own time. I'm on a lot of medications that will not allow me to be able to focus in a classroom setting.

Also I cannot sit in a desk for hours. And I may need to take additional dosages of my medications, to make it through any given day.

What I'm looking for is some help in paying for my schooling. I can't imagine the school loan I will have in the end being something that I will ever be able to pay off.

My business may flourish but will not be a super busy company. I must be able to make my own hours and take only the jobs I can physically accomplish.

I hope this opens up some eyes and perhaps I will be noticed for the drive that I have as well as the passion that is in my heart. Thank you.

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