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Government Grant Help Needed For Man With Spinal Fusion Gone Wrong

by Patrick
(Carter Lake, Iowa, USA)

I am 51 years old. My wife just divorced me.

I have two grown children with family of their own.

Since the divorce, I have been forced to live in my truck and stay with friends.

Disability Issues

In 2008, I had a spinal fusion done on my neck and it was to be a overnight stay. After going home the next day, my airway swelled up and closed off.

I was rushed to the ER where they tried to intubate me and I ended up in a coma for two weeks. When I came to, they removed the tube from me and within days it happened again.

This time they did not get the tube in in time and it caused some brain damage. After the tube was removed, I could not move.

I had lost all motor skills. I had to learn to walk, talk, dress, bathe and eat all over again.

I spent eight weeks in ICU and left with short-term memory loss, dementia, blood clots, swelling of the legs and other problems.

Six months later, I had to have my airways opened. Two days later, I was rushed back to the ER because I had lost half my body blood.

I was put in a coma for a week and had to undergo blood transfusion. Now I have lost my sense of balance and I suffer from memory loss.

I fall down easily and have hurt myself by falling and there is no fixing what's done.

Financial Hardship

I am now on disability, Medicare and Medicaid in part. My wife has the house and I am homeless.

I get very little in disability. It's not enough to cover the cost of a home or apartment or to cover the cost of medical bills, monthly pills and doctor bills.

My truck is in need of major work. I have had to sell all my personal things to get by up to now.

Earning Efforts

I am on SSID and it is limited right now. I cannot work due to my heath problems. I have applied for housing but they have told me I do not make enough.

I got Section 8, but cannot find a place where I can pay my share and not go without pills and other medical expenses.

Food stamps only give me $16 a month because I live in my truck and stay with friends off and on.

Specific Needs

I need help getting into a home that will be safe for me and with enough room so that a caregiver will be able to stay when the time comes.

SSI and SSDI have said they have given what they could and the lawyers all walked away from my case back in 2009 or 2010.

I am looking for grants and any extra benefits that I may have missed. I need help in getting a home.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.

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Sep 26, 2012
I owe in Iowa.
by: Ken

Hi Patrick,

Sorry to hear about you situation. The whole spinal thing is very complex. Your surgeons may have made a mistake. When you talked to your lawyers, were they yours or a insurance company's? Did you try the personal injury lawyers? At minimum you should at least have all of your medical costs covered. It is a very hard route to go, but these types of lawyers work on contingency. And why does your ex live in the house? Your children have all grown up and have families of their own. The last time I looked, in a divorce it is 50/50 split. If she divorced you, what is going on? Bad lawyer again? You are broke and need legal help. Patrick I have found some information where you should go to, here is the address:


It is just a thought, but you should not have to go through this alone. This has a lot of information and may only give you an idea of your rights.

Good Luck,

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