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Government Grant Money For Child Abuse Victim To Pay Her Hairdressing School

by Quashonna M. Murphy
(Linden, NJ, USA)

I'm making it happen!

I'm making it happen!

My name is Quashonna Murphy. People from the outside think my life is peaches and cream.

I've come a long way. My mother was addicted to drugs and gave my sister, brother, and me as well up for that. Me being only five it really hurt.

My mom was a single parent. I didn't know where my father was. My father's mother, my love of my life, took us in.

My grandmother was a hard-working woman and provided for us for four years. Barbie was my favorite toy, because I used to do the hair and cut and style it.

Being with her she brought the best in me and told me I can be whatever I wanted and that the sky was the limit.

My father got out of prison and requested that my grandmother give custody to him after two years of being with her. We went through all the processes and we were finally living with our dad.

The first two years we struggled. The third summer I guess he couldn't take it any more and sent us away and left with his other two kids and his girlfriend.

We didn't know it at the time but when it was time for us to come home after summer was over, and school started two weeks later, he was nowhere to be found.

My grandmother took us in once again where we spent most of our happy days. My grandmother was old and getting sick and needed surgery and my grandpa had cancer and they sat us down and told us they had found my mother and that they couldn't provide for us any longer.

Around Christmas 2002, my grandmother gave custody to my mom, which is when I felt my life went down hill as a child. My mom was non-supportive as if we were just left on her porch.

I grew up from then on with her saying I will never amount to anything, calling me out of my name, abusing me mentally, emotionally and physically.

What took the biggest toll is when someone touched me and I told her crying with all my might trying to explain to her what happened.

But she didn't do anything about it. She asked; he said no and she kept it moving. From then on I did all I could to stay out the house, and I got into all types of trouble.

All I needed was a little guidance, considering my mental state of mind and all I was going through. Till that day I still didn't know where my father was.

I talked to my grandmother almost every night telling her what was going on, but I never told anybody else what had happened to me. I was ashamed of myself.

In the years that passed, my mother and I never got along. We were always fighting and arguing.

I got a job and went to school every morning faithfully.

One night she tried to hit me. Then 16 years old, I was tired of her doing that to me so I pushed her. She got really angry and tried to hurt me, so my brother fought her off of me.

The police told me I had to leave but because my mom was diagnosed with Lupus she had to go to the hospital intoxicated, so they said I could stay.

Around 3:00 am my mom came back and her boyfriend woke me up and told me to pack my stuff and that I had to leave.

Being that I had to go far to the nearest relative house I wasn't able to get back and forth to school so the school kicked me out.

Time and time again, I asked my mom to put me in a closer school. She told me no that she wasn't helping me.

For two years I worked fulltime, until I was 18 and was able to put myself in school. I got back and did two years of school in one and got an award dinner for Highly Motivated and Most Achieved Student.

I am 19 now and will be completing Grade 12 in 2011.

I need government grant money to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a hairdresser and to continue my schooling. I can be anything I want to.

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Aug 20, 2010
Check it out.
by: Anonymous

You are worth it and I myself also can relate very much. However I have started all over again and like yourself I wish I had never gone down the path I did. If I had not, I would be where you are. So keep going and you will have everything you want. Seek out women who may want hairdresser apprentices it might help!. Signed by someone who can relate.

May 31, 2010
Really Touching...
by: Anonymous

I'm proud of you and I really would like to see you get the education grant money you need.

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