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Government Grant Money For My Disabled Husband

by Alice
(Kensett, AR, USA)

I could really use some government grant money for my disabled husband. He's been disabled since 2000.

I have tried to work but always end up having to stop work or get fired because of missing too much work due to doctors appointments, tests, trips to ER or he is completely down and can't stay by himself.

So I stay home to take care of my husband. He doesn't want a stranger coming in to take care of him.

We have no family that is able to help. They all have their own lives and cannot help. That is why a government grant would really help us. This is a few of the things that the money would be used for.

Our income is just what his Social Security Disability check is. This is not enough to pay the bills and buy food, much less do home repairs or auto repairs.

We always think next month we will be able to put back a little for the water heater, or roof or to buy tires and we never have anything left over.

It takes every dime to live on during the month. We don't have credit cards or vehicle payments. We live in a trailer that is over 20 years old. After buying medications, there's barely anything left for food and fuel for the car.

We don't go any place. The only time we eat out is when we have a doctor's appointment that is far off. We don't go to movies or rent movies.

He has to co-pay on his medications and a few are not covered and there is over the counter medications he has to take. I have to pay for all my doctors and medications. I have no insurance.

And here's another way we could use some government grant money for my disabled husband. We need to put a metal roof on our trailer. Putting the sealant on does not work any more. Our roof has leaked for three years now and this has caused places in the floor to become weak and some places are falling through.

The ceiling in the bathroom is about to fall in due to a leak and it has caused the exhaust fan to quit working and the outlet shorted out.

The leaking is also causing mold. Some I can get to and wash areas down with bleach when it starts coming back, but I can't get to some areas or inside the walls.

Our trailer needs to be re-leveled also. We need ramps built and porches repaired. They are falling apart.

We need a shower put in our bathroom with a seat where my husband can take a shower with out having to step over the side of the tub. He has fallen getting in and out. One of those bath/showers that has the door that opens but doesn't leak would work too.

Our water heater is shorting out and it leaks and needs to be replaced fast, but we've got to have the money to buy one. We may be taking cold showers before long. Brrr… that is going to be tough.

Our heating/air unit is as old as the trailer and it needs to be replaced too, that would help lower electric bill.

Our trailer has pretty good insulation, thank goodness. The ductwork needs to be replaced also, because it is awful. It is put together good; it's just bad dirty.

The people who owned the trailer first didn't take care of it, and we didn't find out till after we bought it that they made/cooked meth in here too.

We've been told we should replace the sheet rock and the ductwork, but that isn't happening without money. We'd like to put ductwork in the ceiling/roof when put a metal roof on. Then stuff can't fall in the ductwork and we could cover the old ones up or take them completely out.

These are just a few of the things that need to be done to keep our home from falling down around us.

He needs a motorized chair. Medicare will pay for part of it, but we can't afford the deductible/co-pay that is left or the lift to put on the vehicle to be able to carry it with us.

Plus I think the front and back door needs to be replaced made bigger to allow for a power chair to get in and out.

Our vehicle is a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It runs, but needs some serious TLC or it is going down. Needs tires too. My 93 Legacy went down. It needs the motor replaced. It had been a wonderful car. It rode so good for a little car and my husband said it was comfortable on those long trips to the doctors. We can't afford a car payment/insurance or we would buy a new vehicle.

This is just a few of the things we would do with the money if we could get some government grant money for my disabled husband.

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Jan 08, 2016
A horrible existance
by: Anonymous

Same with me except I also take care of my disabled daughter. We have hardly any money left from month to month, go nowhere , but to the doctors. Have no new clothes or shoes, drive a junk care with no heat. Most people want nothing to do with us because we have nothing. House needs lots of work. Cannot pay utility bills that are so high. There is no way out. If I could get paid it would be a blessing from God.

Jan 07, 2014
Me Too!
by: Anonymous

This is my same story. I was just fired a week before Christmas because of my attendance. His $700 check pays our rent. I paid for everything else. I'm currently looking for work, but I aways worry what I will come home to. He falls so much.

Oct 05, 2010
Same here!
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, this could be my life exactly! We are so desperate, too. We live on less than $700 a month -- husband's disability -- and I can't work due to my own medical problems (which are not recognized by SSA). Frustrating.

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