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Government Grant Money Needed For End Stage Renal Disabled Brother

by Lorrie
(Pasadena, California, USA)

I am writing on behalf of my brother. He is an end stage renal patient on dialysis. He has been on dialysis for 13 years after his donated kidney failed.

He was working a full-time job, up until mid January 2009. He suffered a fall, which caused him injury to both knees.

His medical condition was not managed properly resulting in him not receiving the needed medical care that would have allowed him to return to work.

He was terminated from his job (he worked for over 17 years) after he was unable to return to work due to his injuries.

While he received State disability payments, the first payment was not received until he was off work for over three months, again due to the alleged treating doctor unwilling to complete the paperwork.

My brother recently received his last disability check. He has no other income or assets. Parents are on a fixed income and live 100 miles from my brother, which would create a hardship for both my parents and brother.

While my brother has applied for SSD, it has not been approved. I am unable to assist him because of my own financial obligations. A grant would allow him to remain independent.

He has difficulty living with others in the family and for his emotional well being, does better remaining independent.

My brother has worked during the 20 years he has been diagnosed with kidney disease but is unemployable due to his knee injury as well as kidney disease.

If anyone can provide me with information on programs that can assist him, it would be greatly appreciated.

My heart goes out to him because he never seems to catch a break and his life has consisted of one setback after the other for several years.

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Sep 26, 2012
Kidney Failure
by: Anonymous

Continue to bug the SS. They should be able to get you in front of a judge and the judge will decide if he gets SS disability. The SS should do this for free. You just have to ask. Don't pay a lawyer or a representative. The SS will do it free. I got mine after a long time. I got paid back almost a year of pay, but lots had to go to the representative. I didn't know the SS agency does it for free.

Kidney Falure Michigan

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