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Government Grant Money To Help PTSD Disabled Army Veteran Buy Home

by Rigoberto Rivas
(Cupertino, California, USA)

My name is Rigo Rivas. I am a First Generation American and Army veteran of the Iraq war.

I was born in Nicaragua. My family moved to Mexico, then to the USA where I grew up.

I'm a Combat Veteran. I love the USA and wishing to serve the country, joined the Army as a Cavalry Scout in Iraq.

I am 32 years old. Never had a wife. Never owned a home. I have never had a family.

I need to buy a house. I wish to live the rest of my years not in constant need of money.

Disability Issues

I went to Iraq, where I got PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. There were lots of explosions and many events that make me sick just remembering.

Financial Hardship

I pay $1700 a month for rent in the Bay area. It's expensive, but homes are more expensive.

I need $5000 a month to own a home and support a family. A one-bedroom apartment alone is $1200 a month.

Then there's gas, heat, electricity and life in general. I have debts that I am not addressing so I can live.

It's really tough with mental disabilities

Income Efforts

My incomes are:

VA Disability: $1000

SSA Disability $770

Specific Needs

Living with my parents and they want me to move out. I am asking for help now.

I am looking for grants and help starting a business and help with purchasing a home.

I need to earn enough income to survive here and live comfortably.

Business Idea

Nothing yet, but I am open to good ideas on how to make money.

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