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Government Grant Needed For Social And Bipolar Disorder Disabled Dad

by Jeff Vogel
(Terre Haute, IN, USA)

I'm a 31-year-old single dad with a three-year-old daughter. My wife and the mother to my daughter moved out of state.

We had separated due to the violent behaviors she displayed towards me and around my daughter.

This left me with all the responsibility in the care of my daughter.

I was a stay-at-home dad while my wife worked until we had a disagreement and I decided that my daughter did not need to be around the stress.

I chose to remove my daughter and myself out of that situation.

I then struggled to provide for the both of us. At one time I was homeless and living in my truck, while my daughter stayed with some friends.

It was a hard two months for me at that time having to drop my daughter off every night so she could sleep in comfort.

I have singlehandedly reared my daughter on my own and provided for her every need.

I feel that I have done a great job in the rearing of my daughter although I suffer from a disability that hampers me from providing stability.

I am still legally married to my wife and would like to get that resolved; however, I have to make other preparations such as housing first.

I do not want my daughter to have to go through the same things that I did as a child.

I just want a place where we can call home and I can continue to rear my child, so that she will be a beneficial member to the community.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with multiple mental disabilities. As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD and now that I have gotten older I have had more issues that have come to light.

Within the last four years I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and social phobia.

Over the last three years I have made great strides in bettering myself for the well-being of my daughter and me.

I have been seeing multiple professionals to achieve that goal. I strongly believe that despite the medications my ailments are worsening.

Financial Hardship

Because of the fact that I basically have zero income it is hard for me to provide financially for my daughter and me.

I can't afford the deposit for our own place, much less any rent note, due to the fact that I'm unable to work.

Earning Efforts

I have tried to hold numerous jobs and have failed. I did own my own business and can no longer do all the steps necessary to insure that my business is profitable.

I do have an eBay account where I sell second hand items for some income. I am much more suited to working at home.

Specific Needs

I'm looking for help in getting long-term housing, and an attorney to help me with setting up for disability.

I need someone to point me to a profitable job that I could perform while at home and online would be nice.

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

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