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Government Grant To Help Accident Disabled Woman Keep Nonprofit Alive

by Christa Rose
(Crestone, Colorado, USA)

I am 54. I was homeless at the age of 11. My father was a POW in WW11 in Japan for three years. I did not know this until I was in my late 20s, as he never spoke to me.

He only called me names and beat me if I attempted to live in any manner such as speak, have friends, leave the house, go to school and so on.

I always felt like I grew up in a concentration camp and when I was around 28 I accidentally found out about his experience. I felt like I finally understood his insane and violent behavior.

My memories since my birth were of being totally depressed and unable to function. When I was 11 I began having severe panic attacks, lying on the floor all night feeling as if I was being murdered.

Someone took me to an emergency room and I begged for help, I mean to take me out of the house and give me safety and good health care so I could recover. Instead the doctors forced me to take drugs, sedatives, which made me scream as I felt it was a very bad thing. It was.

The drugs at such a young age destroyed the remaining functioning of my growing organs and delicate endocrine system and I was severely ill every day for the rest of my life, addicted to these sedatives.

I was brilliant, born with a genius IQ and I was very spiritual. I began reading books at age 12 about healing. I was not able to go to school as my father was always beating me and throwing me out of the house.

For weeks at a time I would walk the streets alone, 11 years old. This went on until I was about 15 and then I had a complete emotional breakdown.

I left my parent's house at 16 never to return but have lived in extreme pain and disability all these years, homeless, as I could never work enough to earn a living.

I had a sixth grade education when I left home and when in my early twenties I took a college psychology course. I got an A and so took another, sociology and got another A.

I was given financial aid and entered college. I ended up with an MS degree in comparative psychology and philosophy. I studied natural healing under a famous doctor and ran a clinic for several years but never was able to heal myself.

I finally was hit by an oncoming car and ended up on SSI. It was 1989 and I was given $250 a month to live on. I was never able to get off.

I realized that the treatment I needed was chiropractic primarily because I had spinal abnormalities probably from untreated injuries in childhood. And because when I received an adjustment I had pain relief and nothing else gave me pain relief.

Medicaid was useless to me because I cannot take drugs. They are poison to my body because my liver was damaged from drugs as a child. Drug therapy would cause me to be very ill. So with no money I have no funds for real treatment.

Over the years I have used my little social security money for chiropractic when I was in screaming pain and there was nothing left for housing or food. Decade after decade I was homeless and still in pain.

Last Fall I was homeless again and a man offered me a low rent for a room in a guesthouse. I was dying and desired only some pain relief so I could die in peace.

There was a large living room and so I had the idea to invite a chiropractor from the city, four hours away, who practices a very progressive form of chiropractic, to come and adjust a small group of people.

I advertized the event and a small group came, barely enough to pay his fee but it got paid. I had instant pain relief and began to rest.

Over the months I kept him coming and had not one headache. Instead of dying I ended up starting a non-profit because many people wanted to come but had no money to pay.

At this time I founded this non-profit program to offer functional medical care to low income people like myself. I still need a lot more care to recover from decades of stress and lack of medical care.

I would like to receive help from the government to heal myself. My father lost his life and I lost my life from his military service. I have been on social security living below poverty level for 20 years and I hate it.

I am brilliant and gifted and educated. While I was sick and homeless my student loans accrued $45,000. I never wanted to recover seeing that bill on top of all the others that poverty incurred.

I would like the last days of my life to be peaceful. I would like money for my health care and a rental I can stay in. I would like help so I can continue my non-profit.

I offer assistance to low income children and also adults. I would like to add a program for people at the end of life so their passing will be painless and peaceful.

Christa Rose, Program Director Crestone Childrens Program

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Feb 05, 2013
Try this
by: Kim Hubbard

Christa, please check out http://www.ability-mission.org/benefits. It will give you instructions for using a government site that determines eligibility for grants based on individual circumstances. There are funds out there that most people probably are unaware of. God bless you in your search for answers.

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