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Government Grant To Help COPD Disabled Man Replace Home Carpeting

by James Eastman
(Loranger, Louisiana, USA)

I am a 65-year-old man who has been married for 34 years. I have two children and five grandchildren.

I worked for 27 years for a natural gas company in my area.

Disability Issues

While at work I had problems breathing with sharp pain in my chest.

After seeing several doctors and pulmonary specialists I was told I have COPD. I never smoked in my life.

I also have onset bronchitis and asthma. I am unable to work at any job due to this disability because I go everyday with shortness of breath.

Financial Hardship

My doctor has told me to replace the carpeting in my home with other flooring to help me breathe better. The carpet in my home has been there since 1992.

I am on Social Security Disability and my wife is retired. We are on a limited income and cannot afford the cost of replacing the carpet in our home.

Income Efforts

I cannot return to work and had to stop working before I was able to retire.

I have tried to obtain money for this carpet-replacement project from several sources: grants, friends and family.

All attempts have failed so far. My disability income is not enough for me to take on the work.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a grant to replace the carpeting in my home. My doctor believes it will help me to breathe better with another type of flooring.

Some of the floors in my home have been replaced with ceramic tile. The rest of the house will be replaced with wood flooring and ceramic tile.

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