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Government Grant To Help Couple With Multiple Disabilities Get Multiple Items

by Nora Black
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I am 47 and my husband is 57. We have been married for 33 wonderful years.

Our children are grown now but my youngest son came to live with us to help out.

We live in a poor side of town in southeast Dallas, where we attend church.

My husband served his country in the Air Force (in the Vietnam era).

Disability Issues

I have COPD. I was born with asthma and still have it. I have suffered with this lung disease all my life.

I started having horrible lower back pain after a car wreck. I found out I have a bulging disc that pinches nerves in my spine.

I also have diabetes and have to be on insulin.

I am not able to do much due to my chronic pain. I can't sleep well at night. I have to sleep sitting up to breathe.

I wish I had a hospital bed. It would sure help, but with no money I just have to make the best of it.

Financial Hardship

Because of my husband's disability, he is not able to work. He gets a pension but it's just barely enough to pay the bills.

We were homeless before. If my daughter would not have helped us this time, we would have been homeless again.

We had even checked at shelters, but because of my COPD, my husband was afraid for us to be apart at night.

We have no money. I am having trouble paying for my meds.

I get $17 in food stamps. You cannot buy much food with that. So on top of paying rent, gas, water, electricity, we have to buy food, which leaves us with nothing left over.

Income Efforts

It took me three years to finally get my SSDI but it's only $400 a month because they take out $104 for Medicare.

My husband gets $970 a month on his pension, which is what we mainly live off of.

We tried churches and housing, but the housing list is closed now and churches won't help because they say they have no funding. So we pray and just hope we can make it.

We go without the simple things.

Specific Needs

I need a cash grant to be able to:

- buy all my medications I need
- go to the dentist
- get my eyes checked and get glasses so I can see
- move to a safer part of town
- buy a car that won't be breaking down
- find the right doctor that would help or fix my back
- buy a house so I don't have to worry about a place to live

Business Idea

I believe that I could do well if I had my pawn thrift store. I know a lot about selling and donations. I would have a retail where I could sell items people use every day.


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