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Government Grant To Help Disabled Grandma Make Family Caregiving Visit

by Kimberly Jordan
(Flint, Michigan, USA)

Me with Ariel

Me with Ariel

I am a 47-year-old woman, married for 23 years in October. I'm looking for a government grant to cover transportation costs to care for our grandkids in Virginia.

We have three sons and four grandbabies. We met in California and lived there until 1994. Then we moved to Vegas and stayed there until 2004.

I worked as a restaurant manager for most of my adulthood and my hubby worked wherever he felt was good, at that time apartments and hotels.

While in Vegas I started getting sick. It started around 2000 and so when I started getting worse in 2004, we moved back to my home state.

I didn't feel it would be that bad, but I'd have to take off for a while. Ben tried to work, but spent most of his time taking care of our home and me.

I couldn't do anything by myself, so after a while, he asked our welfare worker to help us at least survive. Well as of December of this year he has been putting in resumes all over the country.

We are in HUD housing and really want for our Section 8 to go through. Our oldest son is in the Navy in Virginia and is out to sea from December-June of this year.

We had offered to keep one of the granddaughters, Ariel, who will be three in august. Our daughter-in-law has our grandson, Jaylen, who will be two in august.

So we need help to help them save a lot of money in daycare by getting down there to live. At least our sons will all find work but I believe that my baby will get something down there too.

And if it's in apartments, they usually give you a free apartment and most of them will even pay the utilities. If we can manage to get the free rent that is cool.

But we have no way to get there. We have no car right now and then also when we were in Vegas he got a lot of outstanding tickets. We were paying them off but after all was said and done there was no money.

So if you could help us go live by our son and help us get there and transportation and then if you can help us get those tickets paid off or down then we could all live a little easier.

Our son does come home off the ship on June the 3rd and we would love to be there then or if not, we will be there soon and we can go set everything up if needed.

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May 01, 2010
I found another good resource for you!
by: Katina from Accessible.org

I've done some more research and found this additional resource for you:

"The Emergency Hardship Program (EHP) provides assistance for University of Michigan Staff and Faculty members who are experiencing an immediate, severe and temporary financial situation due to an emergency."


Hope this helps!


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