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Government Housing Grant To Help Spondylothesis Disabled Single Mom

by Kelly Kufke
(Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA)

Hello, my name is Kelly Kufke and I am 35 years old. I've been a single mother since 2003.

I have two beautiful daughters ages 13 and 15 months. I have never been married although I would love to be one day.

I grew up in a normal family with my father, mother and my brother who is older by nine years.

During my high school years, my mother became ill with lung cancer. Several months after graduation and just two months before my 18th birthday my mother couldn't fight anymore and lost her battle with cancer.

In 1986, after my brother graduated high school he chose to join the Army and fight for his country. I decided not to. Instead, I chose to go to college, the first one in our immediate family to do so.

I am due to attain my bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration in 2016 from Grand Canyon University Online.

Disability Issues

To begin, the pain came on shortly after I came home from the hospital after haven given birth to my oldest daughter in December of 1999.

I was doing dishes and this pain across my lower back came on and took my breath away. I waited to see my doctor thinking the pain might go away.

After a couple of years of the pain getting worse, I finally went to see my primary doctor in 2003. He just treated me with pain meds and nothing else at that time.

Finally, in 2006, I couldn't handle the pain any longer and my primary doctor then referred me to a spine specialist in Milwaukee. He took some x-rays.

He told me it was a simple vertebra out of line but when I called to ask the nurse about something he said she told me something totally different and was surprised when I questioned what she said.

So, I went and requested my medical records to see what all was in the notes from the doctor. I was frustrated and upset.

In 2008, I sought out yet another spine specialist. He read the previous records and saw everything the previous doctor had noted and ordered an MRI.

He did some injections that relieved the pain somewhat. By this time I was very frustrated and upset because I knew by doing research and talking to several people that there was some seriously wrong with my back. Yet no one would take the time with me to explore it further.

I end up moving and finding a new primary doctor and it felt like my guardian angel had found me. The nurse had overheard me talking to the doctor and after my appointment she could tell I was frustrated.

This new primary doctor told me that I definitely have something wrong. He said he knew of this really good neurosurgeon in Milwaukee but he wouldn't be able to get me in for several months.

We started to leave the office and this nurse ran up to me and she told me to hold on, that she is going to make some calls. Sure enough, she got me in to see this doctor two weeks later.

He confirmed what I knew back in 2006 when I did my own research on my back. I was diagnosed with Lumbar Spondylosis and Lumbar Spondylothesis.

Lumbar Spondylothesis of L4-5 is when the vertebra has slipped out of alignment. The vertebra on top of the other is out of the line and the other ones are literally crushing down on top.

I had a Grade 3 slippage. When the final doctor came in to see me, it was literally a five-minute visit and he looked at me and basically said it's gonna be surgery, okay?

That was back in January of 2010 and in March of 2012 I had my two back surgeries. I am totally disabled for the rest of my life. From what I understand I was born with the Lumbar Spondylosis and it evolved into Lumbar Spondylothesis.

Financial Hardship

Even though I was awarded SSDI back in June of 2010, I had to quit my job back in February 2009, which caused me to get evicted from my residence in which my daughter and I were living.

This caused a problem for me now because I owe them several thousands of dollars. I lost furniture due to storage units I lost that I couldn't pay for, and now I can't rent most places or get any kind of housing because I have an eviction on my record.

I also have a second eviction because while I was waiting to hear back from Social Security, I wasn't able to work and had to have surgery, we didn't have money coming in for the rent.

My disability has been extremely hard on my daughter and myself because now we can't get proper housing due to evictions that weren't my fault.

Income Efforts

I was awarded SSDI in June of 2010 and that does bring in the majority of our money to live on. I do manage to get the bills paid each month as long as we don't have too cold or too hot of a summer or winter.

I also receive child support from my oldest daughter's father. It comes in handy, but that is all he does. When it comes to buying her clothes or extracurricular activities, I am responsible for them.

I am enrolled in college online. I do have financial aide, but after I pay for my school supplies, whatever is left I use for future bills. It is not that much but everything helps. I don't have any family that helps or friends to ask.

Specific Needs

I am asking for help for my girls and myself in getting a housing grant. With having the evictions that are not my fault and even though I have rented with the same person without a problem for the last two and a half years, it doesn't matter.

The place I live right now is too small. I actually need a three-bedroom place for us and I wish for a place that I could call our own.

If anyone could please help me somehow or in some way, I promise you will not regret it.

I just want to be able to start fresh and new and have a home I can call my own. I want to be closer to more people I know. Where I currently live now, I only know a few people.

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