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Granddaughter Seeks Government Grant To Care For Disabled Grandmother

by Melissa Baron
(Dallas, TX, USA)

I knew I always had a special bond with my maternal grandmother, but I never knew how strong it was.

As of this writing, I am 30 years old and she is 84, but I swear we are kindred spirits.

My mother, her youngest daughter, died five years ago (today actually) of a pulmonary embolism. She was only 56 but had the spirit of a teenager.

She was my best friend and meant the whole world to me. Before I was born, she had already lost a daughter to spina bifida. She had always told me that the worst thing she ever went through was losing a child.

I also grew up hearing her say that she'd be the one to take care of her mom (my grandma) when she could no longer take care of herself.

Well that time has come, and my mother unfortunately isn't here to take care of her (or me), so I moved my grandmother down from Pittsburgh to Dallas. (I'm actually still in the process of getting her belongings down here, but it is not cheap, as most things are not).

My grandmother came down after Christmas last year to visit me, and my then husband. (I bought her a one-way ticket so she could leave whenever she wanted to!)

Anyway, within a month that she was there, she saw how abusive my relationship was and she wasn't going to leave me with my then husband.

Well, it seems like not a day or two after that, I lost my job of five years… then my ever so loving husband not only filed for divorce, but also sued me for divorce.

We had been together since August 1999 and he all of a sudden became someone I didn't know.

My mind was so messed up from my mom dying, then my brother passing away (work related electrocution June 2008), and my husband putting me down every day.

All the while I was working like crazy. It all came to a climax while my 83-year-old grandmother was visiting. I was getting help, but I honestly didn't want to go on anymore.

So my Grandmother saved me ... She says I saved her by bringing her down here and taking care of her, but I'd still be in an abusive relationship if not for her.

Well, it's been nearly a year now and I still haven't found a job. Even if I did, my grandmother couldn't take care of herself with me away all day. (She fell a few times between last March and June and hasn't been the same since).

Besides being almost 84 and disabled, she has had many health problems and is on several medications. I'm having a hard time keeping up with which to take, when, on an empty stomach or with food.

We've been going to a specialist and though I think she's feeling better, I do believe she is pre-dementia, which scares me the most. I don't like to leave her alone. Even getting her out of the house and out and about (which she likes) seems to be a big production.

She wants to do laundry and dishes, but I'm so scared she's going to overdo it and hurt herself while I'm not here.

I have maxed out all my credit cards. Now I'm barely making minimum payments on them. I need to try to sell her house in PA, but I need to find a nurse that can look in on her while I'm gone and I know I can't afford that.

I have spent all my savings from my mom's insurance money from when she passed away. Although our rent is paid until June, I know that it will sneak up on me. Then I won't be able to take care of my grandmother or even put a roof over her head.

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