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Grant FAQ -- Your Every Question About Grants Answered Expertly

Updated December 1, 2016

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What's your grant question?

This Grant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) offers solid government grant information you can really count on. This is so important in light of all the misinformation.

For example, many are looking for so-called "debt relief grants" to improve their personal financial situations. Sadly though, "debt relief grants" simply do not exist.

Think about it. If such grants did exist, people would merrily run up debts knowing that the government would bail them out. Only major banks and corporations can be rescued that way!

So this Grant FAQ answers the most frequently asked questions about government grants. A grant can come from other than the government, but that would be extremely rare.

Your Ultimate Grant FAQ

Here you go... your most frequently asked questions with straight answers from the grant experts at Ability-Mission.org. Click on the question for a short video with the answer.

  1. Can you guarantee that I will get a grant?
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  2. With your help how could I not get a grant? The biggest reason for failure is that the grant-getting process is not as easy as people have been led to believe. They give up when they find out that there's more to it than going to the 7-11 and buying a lottery ticket. Many people believe that simply buying a book is all that is needed. In fact, knowing the process is the key and you get this by diligently following the steps in our Disability Help Guide and Disability Help Workbook.
  3. Am I eligible for a grant? In general, almost anyone is eligible for one grant or another. It's bad business, though, to make a general statement like that, because whether or not you are eligible depends TOTALLY on the eligibility criteria of the specific grant program in question. You can answer this question yourself by comparing your situation to the EXACT criteria of the specific grant program you're looking into. Do NOT be falsely encouraged by general claims; more importantly, do NOT be discouraged by us bringing you down to reality.
  4. How much grant money can I get? This is a good question because it gives us an opportunity to emphasize that the answer depends TOTALLY on the rules of the specific grant program in question. Some programs might not allow grants greater than $50, while others might not give less than $500,000. When people ask, "How much money can I get?" it sometimes shows that they've got their priorities wrong. It's okay to have your own interests at heart, but when you're applying for a grant, the granting agency can only give you the money their program rules allow. Furthermore, they can only give it out for the reasons their program allows. It's important to remember that the granting agencies can only work according to the objectives they've set for themselves.
  5. Can I get a grant to pay off my debts? We don't know of any program specifically designed to pay off people's debts. If one existed, many people would see it as an opportunity to continually build up debts and then have the government grant program pay them off. The country would go bankrupt pretty quickly. That being said, there are thousands of grant programs to help people with SPECIFIC needs. If you have a specific need that matches a particular grant program, you can get grant money, which you could in turn use to help pay off your debt.
  6. How long does it take to get a grant? Many people ask this question because they've gotten deeply into debt and are desperate to get out of it. They're really asking, "How fast can I get the money?" Again, the answer depends TOTALLY on the specific grant program. With some, it may take a few weeks, others a few months, and yet others a few years. The only way to know the answer to this question is to have the complete grant program description in front of you.
  7. Can I get a grant for more than one business? Technically you could. It's better though to focus completely on one single business idea and make it work. If you approach a granting agency saying, "I want to start a day-care center, or maybe a Laundromat, or maybe a landscaping company…" you can understand they might tell you to come back later when you're more focused. Put yourself in the position of anyone who might give you money. They need to see clearly how you are going to spend THEIR money.
  8. Can I get more than one grant? When it comes to personal grants, you should apply for everything you're eligible for. The very fact that you're eligible for a program means that it was designed for you. If you're eligible for 10 programs, it means those 10 programs were designed for you. There's no shame at all in applying for all the money you're eligible for.
  9. I've never applied for a grant; can you write it for me? Sure, but are you ready to pay the price? Even if a grant writer charges you only $50 an hour, it'll cost you $500 for only 10 hours of work. This doesn't make sense. It also doesn't make sense for you to do it all on your own. It makes much more sense for us to coach you in the process. Think about this. Every champion athlete has a coach. The athlete performs and the coach coaches. You should not even think about writing a grant without getting some sort of help. What we offer is the proven process set out in the Disability Help Guide and Disability Help Workbook.
  10. Why do some grant books get bad reviews? This is a great question! Most people expect that buying a book is all they have to do to get a grant. So if they buy a book and then don't get a grant, for whatever reason, they blame the failure on the book. You can definitely learn a lot from some books. To be effective though, you need to learn the process, which you can get with the hands-on experience you get following the path set out in our Disability Help Guide and Disability Help Workbook. People who buy anything (not just a book) without knowing how to use it are wasting their money.
  11. Which is the best grant book to buy? It all depends on what you're looking for, but we can give you some general guidelines. The first thing you should do is look in your local library. You'll likely find many of the Matthew Lesko books, as well as the "Dummies" books. Remember though that just reading a book is not enough. You need to learn the process, which you can do by following the program set out in our Disability Help Guide and Disability Help Workbook.
  12. What if I'm looking for both a personal and a business grant? We strongly recommend that you do things in steps and apply for only one grant. Here's something very important to remember. If you're applying for a business grant, it has to be for a solid business. It cannot be camouflage for just getting money to pay down personal debts. Evaluators of grant applications will see through this in seconds after reviewing your application.

So what's your next step?

If you're interested in "writing a grant" you can do it with expert help and at no cost to you. Simply join the thousands of others who got invaluable hands-on practice just by telling their stories, following the same kind of precise instructions that granting agencies use. Learn how with the Disability Help Guide.

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