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Grant For Accident Disabled Man With Other Afflictions To Pay Medical Bills

by Everett Davis
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

I am a 49-year-old man from Missouri, who loves the outdoors and fishing.

I was raised on a small farm with hard work and good family values.

I worked as an electrician and also did many construction jobs. This was very hard work, but very rewarding due to the learning of new trades.

Disability Issues

Due to dangerous work, I was injured several times on the job and have had back surgery as well as disc problems.

I currently have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and muscular pain.

While seeking doctor's care for these conditions for severe pain, I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer and lymphoma.

I have gone through chemotherapy and radiation. While going through these harsh treatments, I have developed scar tissue on my lungs and throat.

I am currently in remission, but am required to be rechecked every three months for re-occurrence.

The fibromyalgia is not curable and leaves me with daily pain and exhaustion.

Financial Hardship

I have multiple doctors' bills monthly, as well as multiple medications that are very expensive.

I have no insurance.

I have had and have to have frequent MRIs and CAT scans that require prepayment.

I am unable to pay all the medical and doctor bills as well as keep my utilities currently.

I am living on Social Security, yet it is not enough to cover my many bills on a monthly basis.

I need eyeglasses due to the deteriorating condition of my eyes brought on by some of my previous treatments, yet cannot afford to get any.

Income Efforts

I have sold everything of value to pay as many medical bills as possible and still receive treatments.

I have friends that have helped, but are also limited on money as well.

I have no family and live alone.

Since I am unable to work a weekly schedule due to my health, I have no other means of income opportunities.

I am seeking a grant to help with medical bills and schooling.

Specific Needs

I am planning to go back to college in the fall of this year. Yet, I have very limited income for computer and books.

I would like to start a small business/charity helping disabled individuals and senior citizens with their needs.

All assistance I can get would be greatly appreciated and well used for this effort.

Business Idea

I would like to start a small business/charity to assist the disabled and senior citizens in my area.

I want to assist with doctor visits, any kind of travel needed and also to take day trips for fishing, picnics, home visits, etc.

I would like to bring some joy and happiness to those that are less fortunate and are confined to a nursing home or permanent living situation with no recourse of actual living.

I am in need of a grant of $100,000 to purchase a pontoon boat and vehicle to transport the individuals in.

I have some people to assist with this charity. I would like to give seniors or those with disabilities an opportunity to do the things that have been taken away or have never been experienced.

Their memories and enjoyment for a day would be so rewarding to me. This charity would have great rewards for all that are involved.

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