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Grant For Burn Victim To Repair Vehicle And Move To Better Home

by Latasha Birge
(Omaha, NE, USA)

I am an African American female. I am 42 years old.

I am married. I have four grown children who were all born in June.

Disability Issues

I have neuropathic chronic pain syndrome from 3rd and 4th degree burns that I suffered as a child. As I get older the pain gets worse.

I also have post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Financial Hardship

I go to school from home. I tried to find a job, but have had no luck. My husband is also looking for employment, after being locked up for 13 years.

We are trying to move, but I have bad credit and my husband has a felony on his record. It's been very difficult.

We are barely making ends meet with my disability income and the money I get from school.

We desperately need to move because our current home is infected with roaches and mice.

Our car needs to be fixed because there are times it barely runs.

Income Efforts

I currently receive SSI income. I take a lot of pain medication, which prevents me from holding down a job.

I also receive some money due to being in school.

Specific Needs

I seek a grant. This would allow us to move to a better, safer home. We could fix our car or buy a new one. I could also pursue my business ideas.

Business Idea

I have a business idea to make envelopes for people whose loved ones are incarcerated.

It helped my husband to receive mail from me. It was a comfort to him for 13 years while he was doing his time.

I love to draw and write poems and stories. I want to make my own website and finance this business in order to put smiles on people’s faces.

I also want to make my own jewelry and purses so I can help burn victims like myself.

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