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Grant For Navy Veteran With Bilateral Hip Dysplasia Will Help Save Her Home

by Christine Banz
(Baltimore, MD, USA)

I am 40 years old and currently live alone. I was born at the USNA in Annapolis, MD and grew up a Navy dependent.

When I was 22, I enlisted in the USN and served on the USS Arctic. I am both a Plankowner and a Shellback.

I currently work as a QC Manager for a private company and my military experience played a big part in getting hired.

Disability Issues

I am currently rated at 50% disabled. I have back problems, which affect my ability to stand for sustained periods and severely limits what I can lift.

I have a dislocating knee that should be surgically fixed.

I have a heart disorder that was aggravated by my active duty service.

Finally, I am currently using FMLA and on a leave status at work for a hip replacement surgery scheduled for June 24, 2013.

I was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia in 2006 (and had been seeking a diagnosis for 11 years from the VA).

My left hip was operated on in 2006, but I am unable to have the most effective operation due to financial restraints.

Financial Hardship

Due to Short-Term disability only allowing 60% of my salary, my income is greatly reduced.

Not only do I lose 40% of my salary, I also lose all allowances that come with my job. That is approximately an additional $600 per month.

I will likely have a large co-pay, as well as the cost of the medical equipment I am slowly collecting.

This is proving to be a potentially catastrophic event and my recovery time is unknown.

I had to start my leave three weeks prior to surgery because I had to taper off my meds and I cannot walk for any sustained period without medications.

Income Efforts

Since I will be collecting short-term disability (that's if it's even approved), I cannot work (can't work anyway due to pain).

I have just today started looking to see what options may exist for me, so this is my first submission/request for help.

Specific Needs

I am looking for grants or monetary support.

I could potentially lose my home in the next three months due to the expected financial hardship as a result of my scheduled surgery.

It seems that most organizations are specific to post-9/11 veterans.

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